Burleson Wedding Trends 2021

About this time every year, we start predicting and anticipating the trends that we’ll see in weddings next week. While this year is different in almost every way, we are still looking ahead (maybe now more than ever) and talking about what to expect

2021 is currently being talked about as the “Year of Weddings.” So many people have had to reschedule or postpone planning their events with hopes of being able to gather more freely next year, that we know it will be a wedding packed year. That being said, the first trend that we are anticipating is weddings any day of the week. Gone are the days of limiting yourselves to reserving one of the Saturdays of the year, we are seeing wedding bookings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the year – but also even seeing some middle of the week events hit the calendar.

After being on lockdown or quarantine and following social distancing guidelines and regulations for the majority of 2020, people are and will be ready to let loose! We’re all dreaming of the days where we can hug our loved ones and celebrate without the fear of what may happen. We’ll likely still see a lot of micro weddings and intimate affairs, but we’re preparing for the “maxi-wedding” as well, “where everything from your outfits to your music is oversized and extravagant.” (says Hitched.co)

We’re also preparing for an unmatched experience. We know some brides (and grooms) have been engaged and thinking about their weddings for many many months, even years – so we expect to see more experiences and over the top details than ever before. From extravagant decor to immersive experiences, weddings will likely be the first big events people get back to celebrating regularly, so we expect to see new ideas that we’ve never seen before.

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