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This trend has made our Burleson event venue very popular during the holidays. More and more couples are sharing their wedding day with a holiday, but is this trend for you? Read our guide below and ask us if you would like your wedding to be during a holiday.

Sharing your Anniversary

Everyone likes an easy to remember anniversary date. And most couples feel like it’s extra special to share their anniversary date each year with a holiday. Just be aware that your anniversary plans may have to compete with other events, obligations and family members each year surrounding that holiday.

More Time

A wedding near a holiday can give you and your family more time off to visit and celebrate. For instance some people get the week between Christmas and New Years off in addition to their two weeks paid vacation. That’s extra time off that doesn’t affect your honeymoon time as well. There’s other extended weekends like Labor Day and 4th of July that a great holidays for extended celebrations.


The flip side to this is that holidays make costs go up so it’s important to factor that in to the budget. In addition, you might have to book things earlier like hotels and certain vendors to make sure they have availability. If you’re planning a holiday wedding, be sure to let guests know as soon as possible so they can budget for the extra cost as well if they are booking a hotel or flight.

One of the reasons we’re known for being one of the best Fort Worth wedding venues is that we take great care in assisting you with every aspect of your big day. One of those important decisions after getting engaged is choosing a wedding date. Ask yourselves these questions below to determine what your best wedding date would be.

How long do you want your engagement to be?

Choosing the length of your engagement is the first step when choosing your date. Some people want to get married right away, while others need more time for the planning process. There’s no wrong answer here.

What time of year do you prefer? Do you want it to be cooler, warmer? Indoor or outdoor?

Texas weather is unpredictable at best but if you’re getting married in your hometown, you know what time of the year you love most. Other important factors include weather your want your ceremony or reception indoors or outdoors and if you prefer cooler or warmer weather.

Who must you have at your wedding and what are their schedules?

Make a list of people who you must have at your wedding. You parents, bridal party, groomsmen, and any immediate family member you must have and consider their schedules. Run potential dates by them to see if they’re are any conflicts that can’t be rescheduled. Only do this for a select few though, otherwise it will be virtually impossible to coordinate everyone’s schedules.

Burleson Holiday Venue

We feel extremely blessed by this year. We’ve had so many wonderful features and collaborations thanks to our amazing couples and vendors. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the fantastic opportunity to serve you at our venue. It’s a truly rich experience getting to know each one of your stories and being such an integral part of your big day. To us it’s more than just an event, it’s the reason we are here – to come together and celebrate life’s big moments. As we reflect on this past year we’d like to further thank you individually. Our gratitude is beyond words for what you’ve made this place become.

To our vendors and collaborators, thank you for using this venue to create beautiful things and telling unforgettable stories. To our couples, thank you for having your beautiful event here. We love how creative you all are and how you leave your special mark on this historic building.

This season, when you start to get caught up in the chaos that is the holidays. Just remember to spend the holidays with those closest to you.

We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings! Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Lone Star Mansion.

Biggest Trends from 2018

December 17, 2018

Part of why we are such a popular Burleson venue is that we embrace new and old traditions. We loved seeing all the new trends that happened this year and wanted to reflect back on our favorites from this year as we enter another new and exciting year of weddings in 2019.

Dramatic Backdrops

Ceremony backdrops for outdoor weddings, escort card displays, backdrops for photo booths and food stations got more and more creative this year. Some showstoppers ideas included: macramé hangings with floral accents, commissioned murals, geometric wooden structures, boxwood walls, strings of dangling lights and fresh greenery patterned walls.

Creative Florals

Speaking of drama, we saw the popularity of more elaborate floral displays not only on tablescapes put also cascading floral bouquets and garland bouquets you can wear. In addition, couples embraced greenery, sometimes forgoing blooms all together.

Millennial Pink

A color palette we saw  over and over again this year that we think will become as classic as white weddings. We have a feeling this trend will carry over in to next year with couples putting their own unique spin on it with their decor.

A Nod to Mod

Light-reflecting lucite is striking and modern. This transparent material commands attention without distracting from the view. It’s no wonder this material became so popular and we don’t see it going out of style in the new year.