Fort Worth Mansion Venue

Fort Worth Mansion Venue

Choosing a wedding dress for your cold weather wedding isn’t nearly as hard as you might think it is. Your favorite Fort Worth mansion venue has some tips to find the perfect dress to help you stand out against the cold of the winter while still staying warm and beautiful.

Dresses with lots of embroidery are perfect for winter-time. They give off the vibe of warmth, while still looking elegant and beautifully stitched together. Having a dress with lots of embroidery is its own accessory altogether. If you choose an embroidered dress with sleeves, you’ll be fully set for the entire day with accessories and warmth!

Add a white or light-colored faux fur coat or stole to your ensemble! It will not only keep you warm during your big day, but will fit right into the season. When you take pictures outside of our white mansion, it will only add to the grandeur of our venue and your big day. You can also keep using it after your wedding day!

Change it up with a cream color dress. The color of winter is white, so to stand out from a snowy background, or even just the blue-toned winter, choose a cream colored dress! This will not only stand out color-wise, but will give you a naturally warmer glow than the outside. It will be loved on your big day, as well as, in your pictures for years to come.

There are so many more dresses that are perfect for a winter wedding, these are just a few dresses we love. Use your style to help you make the perfect dress choice. Contact us for our winter availability for winter 2020 for your big day! The Lone Star Mansion would love to have you at our beautiful venue!

Choice Dallas Luxury Wedding Venue

Choice Dallas Luxury Wedding Venue

There’s always so many lists of what you need to be doing or be planning for the week before your wedding. What about what you probably shouldn’t do? Lone Star Mansion, your choice Dallas luxury wedding venue, is here to share a few tips of what to avoid leading up to your big day.

You should avoid getting a facial or trying out beauty treatments for the first time within at least a week range of your big day. These can lead to dry skin, redness, and breakouts. It is best to do new things to your face a few weeks out. This will give your face enough time to heal if any type of a reaction happens.

Another thing you should avoid are drastic hair changes. Don’t dye your hair that bright red color you’ve always wanted to try right before your wedding. Even if you end up loving it, you may not like it in your wedding pictures 20 years down the line. When you look back on pictures you will not see the regular you, but someone you don’t recognize at all! With hair coloring, you shouldn’t get a major cut within the week of your wedding, either. You planned on your dress going with what your hair currently looks like, not what you will be changing it to.

Lastly, avoid staying up too late! It is easy to do the week of your wedding since you are finalizing last minute details, stressing, or even spending it with your bridesmaids. It will only stress you out more and make you tired on your wedding day, and no one wants that!

These tips are just our recommendations to you. If you want to go for that new hairstyle before your wedding, just do it! Don’t let us stop you. You will be the most beautiful bride and the center of attention no matter what.

Fort Worth Mansion Venue

Fort Worth Mansion Venue

Are you trying to figure out the perfect hairstyle for your wedding at our Fort Worth mansion venue, but just can’t find the right one? We’re here to give you some tips on finding the perfect hairstyle for your big day.

  • When choosing your hairstyle, be sure to coordinate it to what your dress looks like, as well as, the overall vibe of your wedding. If you are have a casual, laid back wedding, you may not want to have a tight chignon.
  • Work with the length that you have! If you have short or thin hair, don’t expect to be able to do a complicated updo. You’ll be able to have braids, a half-up half-down style, or just have your hair entirely down. If you have longer hair, opt for an updo, especially in the warmer months. It will keep you cooler throughout the day!
  • Lastly, be sure to choose a great stylist! This will make all the difference in just how perfect your hair will be on your wedding day. Look around, read reviews, and ask opinions of others because you want to make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing. A good stylist will want to have a pre-session with you to practice some of the looks that you might want on your big day. This will help them to know how your hair works and just how much time they will need to plan for.

However you choose to do your hair- french twist, chignon, fully down, and any other way- the Lone Star Mansion is so excited to see your full wedding day look!

Still looking for a venue? Feel free to contact us to learn more and talk about the dates that you are looking at for your big day!

Choice Burleson Wedding Venue

Choice Burleson Wedding Venue

As your choice Burleson wedding venue, Lone Star Mansion wanted to address the question of asking your partner’s parents for permission before proposing. Everyone has different takes on this, and we are here to tell you about why you might consider doing so.

So, should you ask your partner’s parents for permission to propose? Yes, maybe, and no. Some people expect it while others hate the tradition. Ask your significant other to see what they think about the tradition amidst all of the other talk of your proposal. If they say it is important to them, you should probably go ahead and do so. If they say they hate the tradition, you probably shouldn’t. Respect your partner’s opinion of this practice.

Asking for your partner’s parents permission to propose seems like a thing of the past, but it can be brought into the future by thinking of it differently. Rather than viewing the practice as the parents or father “owning” your partner, view it as respecting the parents. They raised your soon-to-be fiancé, and bringing them into the fold will really show that you respect them and want them to be involved and in the know.

If you hate the idea of asking the parents permission to marry, don’t ask for permission! Ask for their blessing, instead. They will still respect that you had the courage to come to them and ask. They will also love that they are in the know about the proposal and might even be able to help with some of the last details.

All in all, don’t feel pressure to ask or not to ask for the societal standpoint. It is your relationship, your proposal, and your wedding. Let the choice of asking their parents be between you and your significant other.