Premier Texas Mansion Venue

Premier Texas Mansion Venue

When wedding planning is in full swing, it is easy to let it take over everything. There has to remain a healthy balance between work, life, and wedding planning, though. Without a balance, wedding planning will quickly become overwhelming and hard to handle. In order to stay sane during this process, there are ways to keep a balance. Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years to help out with not becoming engulfed in the planning.

  • Over the next few months, a daily planner should and will become your best friend. It will allow you to keep track of everything you need to do for work and for wedding planning so that you don’t get lost in one or the other. You’ll be able to write in to remind yourself to spend 30 minutes of lunch to researching dresses or calling vendors. You can remind yourself to take planning-free days so that you don’t spend all of your free time wedding planning and researching.
  • On the topic of free time, use your free time wisely. Yes, you should still be able to watch your favorite shows while you are wedding planning. Rather than binging episodes, get things done for your planning instead. No matter how big or small, when tasks are done, they feel great to cross off!
  • Make sure to delegate, delegate, delegate. Asking for help is not a sign that you are failing at planning your wedding. It is a sign that shows you that you really do need the help! Wedding planning is overwhelming and can get the best of us if we let it. Stay ahead of the curve and delegate and ask for help early on. Your mother and your fiancé would love to help you out to plan your big day.

DFW Mansion Venue

DFW Mansion Venue

We love seeing all of the different people in your life at our DFW mansion venue. One of the hardest parts of choosing your wedding party is: how big or small does it need to be? You don’t want to disappoint any friends, but you don’t want to let everyone be in it, either. The average size for a wedding party is 5-6 on each side. Does this number seem really low or pretty high to you? Let’s go over some of the factors that might help you decide your wedding party size.

  • Are you looking into doing a lot of DIY tasks in preparation for your wedding? Consider a bigger wedding party. More people means more hands and more time available to help you out with all of your wedding DIY ideas and planning.
  • Are you needing to cut costs? A smaller party might be the way to go. Traditionally, the couple will pay for the bouquets and lodging for the wedding party. The smaller the party, the less you have t worry about paying.
  • Another way to make sure you have the right size of wedding party is to match it to the size of your guest list. If you’re having an intimate ceremony and reception of 50 or less, consider having 2-4 people on each side. On the other hand, if you’re planning a wedding for 200+, consider having 7-10 on each side. This will make the wedding feel more balanced.
  • All in all, don’t feel like your wedding party has to be a certain number! If you have 2 best friends from 2nd grade that you’ve dreamed of being the only ones forever now, just have 2! If you have 12 sorority sisters and 2 roommates that you just have to have in your wedding party, have a 14 person wedding party! It comes down to what you want out of your wedding.

DFW wedding venueYour first dance is one of the most meaningful moments of your wedding day. The song you choose will be the song that brings back the sweetest memories of your special day for the rest of your life. DFW wedding venue Lone Star mansion has a few tips for choosing the perfect first dance song:

  • Think about your own personal love story. Some of the best songs that are chosen for a first dance are songs that are meaningful to you as a couple. What was the first song that you slow-danced to together? Or what about the song that came on the radio moments after you told each other “I love you”? Choosing a song based on moments like these will add sentimental value that you’ll remember forever.
  • Focus on a genre. In addition to the meaning, think about the genre. You and your significant other’s taste in music might differ. So to make your decision-making process easier, choose a genre that you both like and go from there. There are endless amounts of songs out there to choose from. Starting from a specific genre and working your way down will make the searching process a little easier as a result.
  • Lastly, think about the melody. The first dance during a wedding is meant to be slower and more meaningful. You want it to feel like the two of you are the only ones in the room. Therefore, you’ll want to go for something a little gentler that allows the two of you to have a slow, special moment after months and months of crazy planning.

This DFW wedding venue has years of experiences and has witnessed endless first dances. You want this song to be something you’ll remember happily forever. We feel that the three tips we’ve listed above will help you make the perfect decision when it comes to your first dance song!

Mansion Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding theme can often seem like one of the most important and stressful decisions when it comes to planning. But if you take a step back, the decision can be much simpler than you think! Lone Star Mansion, a popular Dallas mansion wedding venue, has a few ideas that will make your decision process a little simpler. Here are some tips to keep in mind when things being to feel a little overwhelming:

  • Consider elements of your own personality. Your venue should reflect what you and your significant other are all about. Do you both love spending most of your free time on the beach? Then go for a beach-themed wedding! Having trouble deciding what color scheme to go with? Think about the colors you’re always drawn to when shopping for things like new clothes. Or is there a certain color that means something to both of you? Maybe you got engaged in the Caribbean where the water is the most beautiful shade of blue. Use that as a starting point!
  • Think about your venue. There are such a wide variety of venues out there. What color scheme would look best in a modern space with white walls and exposed brick? Maybe go with something that reflects that modern look like neutrals and pastels. With a Dallas mansion wedding venue like ours, a wide variety of color schemes are easy to work with! Because the mansion is mostly white, all sorts of color schemes look beautiful at our venue. We’ve seen couples choose themes that reflect the seasons. One couple chose to work with a soft green for the summer, and another went with a glamorous black and white theme for a winter wedding.
  • Choose elements that make you happy! This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but many brides make decisions based on current trends or what they think would be the best choice. If bold color is something you really love, then go with that! Just because pastels might be the current trend doesn’t mean that your wedding has to reflect that. Guests appreciate seeing choices that reflect who you are and what you like.

This Dallas mansion wedding venue has had lots of experience watching couples plan their weddings. With the tips listed above, we hope that your decision-making process can be as stress-free as possible!