keep your future in-laws happy

While it’s true that it is you and your fiancé wedding day, its also important to keep your future in-laws happy as well. In the grand scheme of things you will be sharing each others family for a lifetime. This doesn’t mean you have to do everything your in-laws want, but taking these few steps will make everyone happier in the long run.

Accept your new family.

This is the family your significant other was raised by, while you might not agree with them on everything they are a huge part of who your partner came to be. Try to focus on all of the positives about your new family rather than spending precious energy over the negatives. Your fiancé’s family is not likely to change overnight if at all and the best way to bring about change is acceptance.

Keep the tradition alive.

For some families, tradition is really important. While its quite common for modern brides to go against tradition consider listening to both sets of parents to identify the thing that matters most to them on the big day. You may disagree with them in the end but having an open mind and hearing them out goes a long way.

Set your in-laws up for success.

Get your in-laws involved in the process. This doesn’t have to involve huge decisions. Simply asking them to choose between three of your favorite blooms can strengthen your relationship. Everyone wants to feel like they are contributing, even in a small way.