Lone Star Mansion Venue

One of the reasons we’re known for being one of the best Fort Worth wedding venues is that we take great care in assisting you with every aspect of your big day. One of those important decisions after getting engaged is choosing a wedding date. Ask yourselves these questions below to determine what your best wedding date would be.

How long do you want your engagement to be?

Choosing the length of your engagement is the first step when choosing your date. Some people want to get married right away, while others need more time for the planning process. There’s no wrong answer here.

What time of year do you prefer? Do you want it to be cooler, warmer? Indoor or outdoor?

Texas weather is unpredictable at best but if you’re getting married in your hometown, you know what time of the year you love most. Other important factors include whether your want your ceremony or reception indoors or outdoors and if you prefer cooler or warmer weather.

Who must you have at your wedding and what are their schedules?

Make a list of people who you must have at your wedding. You parents, bridal party, groomsmen, and any immediate family member you must have and consider their schedules. Run potential dates by them to see if there are any conflicts that can’t be rescheduled. Only do this for a select few though, otherwise, it will be virtually impossible to coordinate everyone’s schedules.