Meet The Team

Portrait of Clarabeth



Clarabeth has ventured into many different businesses, however, her heart is in happy places.  Nothing could be more fitting than the magnificent Lone Star Mansion for Clarabeth to let loose on making it the most beautiful and desired wedding venue in the DFW area.  Clarabeth is a people person and greatly enjoys making the Lone Star Mansion experience the most enjoyable and memorable events venue for its customers.  When Clarabeth is not working on making Lone Star Mansion the most beautiful wedding venue in DFW, you will find her attending to the staff and guests to ensure that no one is left out and everyone is enjoying the experience.  In her personal time, Clarabeth loves traveling and spending time with her family.

Portrait of Fabiola



Fabiola is the muscle, mind and determination behind Lone Star Mansion’s success.  Fabiola cares deeply about the staff and guests and it shows in her untiring efforts to make sure the events take place exactly as the bride and groom dreamed they would.  Fabiola also owns an events venue in Fort Worth and brings with her  invaluable years of experience in events planning.  Fabiola’s passion is apparent from her high-energy approach to every minute detail of Lone Star Mansion’s events.  In her personal time, Fabiola loves to spend time coming up with new ideas to make the Lone Star Mansion experience the most memorable for everyone involved.