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As any couple can surely attest to, wedding planning is both exciting and overwhelming. From choosing the perfect dress to the tiny details and finishing touches, such as table decorations, the number of choices can be exhausting. One of the most important decisions that can help set the stage and make planning easier is finding the perfect color palette to complement your wedding’s theme or style.

The wedding planners at Lone Star Mansion have spent countless hours assisting couples in creating majestic color palettes that are pleasing to the eye, look good in pictures, and show off their Texas pride. Here are the current trending Texas wedding color palettes that are sure to create picturesque moments on your special day.

Apricot Crush is a gorgeous blend of pink and orange that mixes well with pastels or bolder colors such as sage and fuchsia. Another plus side is that this color is fairly neutral, meaning that it can work with almost any theme and looks fantastic alongside various shades of flowers. Regardless of your wedding theme or style, there is a palette for nearly any occasion. Here are some of our favorite palettes that include this unique, eye-catching color.

Barbie-Inspired Palette Featuring Apricot Crush

With the Barbie movie making a huge impact with its commentary on how society views women, many couples want to keep the conversation going during their wedding. A Barbie-inspired color palette keeps your wedding colors relevant while showing your support for the idea that women and men don’t need to fit into some stereotypical role—we can all be who we want to be. Here are the colors that you can use:

  • Apricot Crush
  • White
  • Pink (either bold pink or fuchsia)
  • Blue

Earth Tone Color Palette Featuring Apricot Crush

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If you are looking for an earthy aesthetic for your wedding to pay homage to the beauty of the Texas landscape but are worried that Apricot Crush might not fit, you are in luck. As mentioned earlier, Apricot Crush falls in the neutral color category, meaning it plays nicely with earth tones such as green and yellows. Here is a color palette we know you’ll love:

  • Apricot Crush
  • Dusty pink
  • Emerald green

Looking for a bolder look using earth tones? Spice things up with these colors:

  • Muted gold
  • Apricot Crush
  • Hot pink
  • Green (either forest or emerald)

Feeling the Blues Featuring Apricot Crush

One of the most beloved colors on the planet is the color blue. Don’t believe us? A poll conducted worldwide found that blue is preferred by more than 35% of the world’s population. With blue being such a popular color, it is no wonder that many couples love to include it in their wedding color palettes. The type of palette you are going for, whether that is a bolder or softer look, will dictate which shade of blue you should use.

Bold and Beautiful:

  • Green
  • Navy blue
  • Apricot Crush
  • White

Soft and Intimate:

  • Dusty blue
  • Yellow
  • Apricot Crush

What Types of Flowers Go Well With Apricot Crush?

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Looking for flowers to incorporate into the Apricot Crush color scheme? Here are a few you can’t go wrong with:

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon in Texas: Red Color Palettes

Some couples like to pick a theme that will help them remember special facts about the year they got married. For 2024, the Chinese zodiac is the Year of the Dragon, which means many couples are looking to Chinese weddings for inspiration.

We are seeing an increase in couples using red for 2024 Texas wedding color palettes. In Chinese culture, red symbolizes fertility and luck and is believed to ward off negative energy. (Who doesn’t want to start their marriage with these things?) These ideas blend well with Western culture, which uses red to symbolize passion, love, and romance. Red in the color scheme for a wedding seems to be a no-brainer. Here are some of our favorite color palettes featuring this popular color for 2024.

Creating That Sweet Romance Featuring Red

A picture of flowers with wedding colors.

Incorporating shades of blush, peach, and pink will help bring out the softer side of red. For a more sophisticated color palette, you can combine darker shades of red, such as burgundy, with a dustier rose tone.

Softer Sweet Romance Palette:

  • Red
  • Blush
  • Peach
  • Pink
  • White

Sweet Romance With Sophistication:

  • Burgundy
  • Dusty rose
  • White or pearl

Dramatic Wine Tones Featuring Red

Many couples enjoy the drama and richness of wine tones. These colors lend themselves well to the natural, earthy tones of Mother Nature, making them perfect for an outdoor wedding.

  • Burgundy
  • Marsala
  • Blush
  • Off-white or cream
  • Sage green

Showing Off Texas and American Pride Featuring Red

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For those who are deeply proud of their Texas heritage, bringing in the colors from our state flag (also the colors of the United States flag) is the perfect way to go. Not only that, but these bolder colors tend to inspire a positive vibe. We suggest using red as the dominant color with splashes of blue as an accent offset by white. The white will give your guests’ eyes a break from the bold colors without losing that inspirational feel. Combine this with cowboy boots, plenty of plant life, and rustic decorations, and you have the perfect homage to history and your budding life in the Lone Star State. 

  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Hints of silver or gold can help make these colors pop

What Types of Flowers Go Well With a Red Color Palette?

Red complements many flower choices and pairs well with natural tones like green and white. Here are some flowers that mesh with the above color palettes:

Show Off Your Wedding Color Palette on the Immaculate Lone Star Mansion

Texas Luxury Venue

The Lone Star Mansion is the perfect venue for your Texas wedding. Located right outside Fort Worth and surrounded by 20 acres of breathtaking property, it is an idyllic getaway for couples and their guests.

The stunning 3-story, 10,000-square-foot property is the ideal location and lends itself well to any color palette you and your future spouse choose. Whether that is the Apricot Crush-inspired palettes, the striking red palettes, or one special to you and your partner, you can trust that this venue will enhance these colors and make every moment picture-perfect.

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