Burleson Mansion VenueWedding Rules You Can Ignore 

Wedding etiquette has changed over the years.  Brides and grooms tying the knot these days have much more freedom when planning their big day, and they are certainly getting creative! Whether you want to keep the traditions alive and showcase old traditional ways or do something new to switch it up, your big day will be as unique as ever. Here are some wedding planner rules that you can undoubtedly break. (Remember, rules were meant to be broken!)

Matching Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are known for wearing the same dress in the same color. While some love this traditional look, in today’s world, bridesmaids certainly don’t have to wear the same dress anymore. Some brides opt for a mix and match look, while others are ditching the idea of dresses altogether and opting for skirts or jumpsuits. Letting your bridesmaids wear different styles helps ensure your bridesmaids feel good on your wedding day, and they may even wear the dress again. 

Honeymoon Right Away

Nowadays, it’s rare that couples leave the wedding reception and head straight to the airport. More couples are waiting weeks or months after their wedding for their honeymoon. With demanding work schedules and tighter budgets, it can be hard to take the time or book your dream honeymoon. It’s better to go when both of you can take time off and relax together. 

Bride’s Family Pays for the Wedding

While it was once traditional for the bride’s family to pay for the majority of the wedding, this isn’t the case anymore. When it comes to paying the bill, there is usually a mix of funds from the bride’s family, the groom’s family, and the couple tying the knot. Some couples are even paying for the wedding entirely on their own. Being able to spread out the expenses helps reduce stress during the planning process on the couple and on both families. 

Inviting Everyone 

It’s tradition for parents and even grandparents to make suggestions for your guest list, and it can be hard to please everyone on your big day. As more couples are getting involved financially, they realize that you don’t have to invite everyone – especially if it doesn’t fit your budget. Invite friends and family who know and love you, the people that you want to include, and celebrate with on your big day. 

Start Time

While it’s been a tradition to list your ceremony time on the invitation, couples are starting to realize that their actual start time doesn’t have to be listed on the invite. Some couples encourage their guests to arrive 30 minutes earlier, especially if they are afraid of guests arriving late. Worried that guests will get bored arriving early? Include our next tip to give wedding goers a fun reason to mingle. 

Cocktail Hour

A cocktail hour doesn’t have to happen after the ceremony; you can hold it before! Start the day off with a pre-ceremony cocktail hour full of your favorite cocktails and mocktails for guests to enjoy as they mingle. This also gives any tardy guests a bit of wiggle room to join before heading to the ceremony. 

Ceremony Music

Classical music has been the go-to for many years when it comes to the ceremony music. More couples are starting to branch out from traditional music and opting for live jazz or bands to play more upbeat music or cover their favorite songs. It brings a fun atmosphere to walk down the aisle to and helps to liven up the ceremony. 


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How to Incorporate Heirlooms Into Your Wedding Day

Texas Staycation Honeymoon, heirlooms in your wedding day
From your wedding venue to the food, planning your wedding day is a memorable experience. One way to make your wedding day more special is to add family heirlooms and mementos into your ceremony and reception. Your wedding day is not only a big day for you and your partner, but it’s special for your family members as well. To see you tie the knot with your love while including family heirlooms will not only be meaningful for you, but it will be a sentimental gesture to your closest family members as well.

Family Photos
Family photos are an easy way to showcase moments or people that have impacted your life in a meaningful way. From family members’ wedding days to special moments between loved ones, scatter framed photos throughout your ceremony or reception for guests to look at. It adds a sentimental moment throughout and is an easy way to showcase the moments and people who have impacted your life.

Quilts or Blankets
Some families have sentimental blankets or quilts that have been around for years. If your reception is outdoors, place baskets and bins around the dance floor and seating areas for guests to use to stay warm. They can get cozy and cuddle up with blankets that have been hand-made by someone you love.

Antique Furniture
Antique furniture has so much character and can add a quirky aspect to the decor when incorporated into the reception. If your family has antique furniture that has been passed over, try incorporating it as decor in your wedding venue. From antique velvet chairs to accent tables, your family will love seeing their pieces that have been in the family for years.

Cake Toppers
Reuse your parent’s or grandparent’s cake toppers to use on top of your wedding cake. It’s an easy way to honor your parents or grandparents while keeping your cake custom to your wedding venue’s style and decor.

Champagne Glasses
Toast to your big day with champagne glasses that have been around for years. Whether they belong to your parents or grandparents, toast to your lifetime of happiness with vintage champagne glasses. While your guests will have classic glasses, it makes it a bit more meaningful for the bride and groom to have special glasses.

Jewelry can be passed down for years and years, making it the perfect family heirloom to incorporate into your wedding day. It’s an easy accessory that you can wear without having to worry if it will fit into your wedding venue. It will last for years to come, and you can pass it on to your children as you get older for their big day.

Using accessories, like a watch or rosary beads, to wrap your floral bouquet is a unique way to showcase your family heirlooms on your wedding day. While it may not take center stage, the sentimental value of it will give you peace of mind knowing that you have it while you are walking down the aisle. Not only will it bring comfort on the day of your wedding, but it makes for the perfect accessory during photographs.

Other accessories like shoes, shawls, or veils are accessories that not only make a fashion statement while honoring that family member during your big day. As you say I do, you will be able to say you borrowed something sentimental to tie the knot.

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Beautiful Burleson Wedding Venue

The Lonestar Mansion: A Beautiful Burleson Wedding Venue

When it comes to finding a beautiful Burleson Wedding Venue, The Lonestar Mansion is full of breathtaking views and locations. The property has multiple indoor and outdoor locations to tie the knot, and each one is just as stunning as the next. Keep reading, we’ll walk you through each ceremony and reception location, and we’re confident that you’ll see why we are the best Burleson wedding venue. 

The Mansion 

The mansion is three stories and full of elegant details, like french doors in every room. With delicate chandeliers hanging throughout the mansion, it adds a touch of glamour to complement the mansion’s rustic wooden details. 

Bride & Groom Suites

While the wedding suites are not necessarily a ceremony or reception location, it’s an essential part of the day. Expect to see intimate and fun moments photographed of each party to have for years to come. The photographs will definitely be frame-worthy and is a great way to remember the loved ones who stood by your side on the biggest day of your life. 

The groom’s wedding suite is bound to keep the guys busy before the ceremony with a wet bar, a pool table, a big-screen TV, a poker room, and even a sauna. It gives the groom and his groomsmen a place to relax before marrying his future partner and luxurious enough for fun wedding party photographs. 

The bridal party gets to pamper themselves in the onsite salon. There is an attached spa area with pedicure stations for last-minute touch-ups. The photographer is bound to catch precious moments between the bride and her bridesmaid when she enters the dressing room to put on her dress.  

The Main Ballroom 

The main ballroom has an open layout with high ceilings. The floor to ceiling windows helps bring in the natural light while giving guests a view of the grounds. It is the perfect place for a romantic ceremony, while the white walls make it the ideal blank canvas to create your dream reception.  

The Carriage House

With the beautiful ceiling drapery and rustic accents, the carriage house offers an intimate ceremony or reception location. Access the covered pergola on the patio to dance under the stars or have a private moment as newlyweds under the twinkling lights. The Carriage House is the perfect spot to incorporate the indoors and outdoors into one. 


The Gazebo

Ready to exchange vows under the beautiful, white metal gazebo? With artistic details, this gazebo is full of details that will not go unnoticed. The gazebo sits right across from a small bridge, making for a beautiful backdrop for ceremony photographs. To make a grand entrance (or exit!), turn the bridge into an aisle to walk down.   

The Famous Oak Tree

There is a beautiful oak tree on the property that can act as the perfect backdrop for your ceremony. Within the tree, there is a delicate chandelier that hangs from the branches, creating an unexpected touch of elegance and glam to your ceremony. With the sun setting, it creates a beautiful view (and lighting!) for newlywed photos. 

The Pool Courtyard

Poolside ceremonies can be just as glamorous as a ballroom ceremony. With the string lights reflecting off the water, it offers a twinkle like no other. Whether you are looking for an intimate and relaxed setting or something more elegant, the pool can provide you with that dream location. 

If you are looking for the perfect cocktail hour, the pool makes for a fun location. Your guests can enjoy a few drinks and hors d’oeuvre by the water. 

With different options for ceremonies and reception, the possibilities at The Lonestar Mansion are truly endless. Ready to book your dream wedding? Contact us today! 


Lone Star Mansion VenueWhy The Lonestar Mansion Is The Best Wedding Venue

Just minutes away from Fort Worth, this serene venue offers a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding day. The Lonestar Mansion is the perfect escape from city life and sits on 20 acres of beautiful grounds, making it one of Burleson’s best wedding venues. 

Indoor & Outdoor Options

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life; making it memorable is our top priority. With different ceremony and reception locations, stressing about the weather is the last of your priorities. It is one reason why we include inclement weather options in your wedding package, ensuring that your wedding day is beautiful, no matter what. From the Antebellum-style mansion to the beautiful oak trees, to the poolside courtyard, there are stunning areas for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and wedding reception scattered throughout the venue. 

The Mansion

The mansion is, of course, the star of the show.  It was originally built in the 1800s in Mississippi. It was disassembled and brought to Texas in the 1980s and put together again! They kept it the same floorplan as it was originally built. The mansion showcases unique features and details, and there are still original pieces throughout the mansion, like some of the doors, windows, hardwood floors, and crown moldings. While historic, it is charmingly beautiful, rustic, and definitely unique, ultimately making it a gorgeous venue for your wedding. 

Onsite Chef

On your wedding day, let us take care of you! By having an onsite chef and bartending service, planning your reception is easy. Not only can you try the food beforehand, but the catering team will create a custom menu to suit your tastes, ensuring that your reception is perfect. You don’t have to stress about finding the perfect vendor to serve you and your guests. We offer multiple options that you are bound to find the right meals to suit you and your partner. 

Day of Coordinator

On your wedding day, we want you to be in the moment and focusing on you, your partner, and the love that you share. That’s why we offer a day-of coordinator! If any issues come up, the coordinator has got you covered. They will guide everyone through the rehearsal, down the aisle on the day of the wedding, and even help plan your timeline. On your wedding day, they are practically your best friend, and their main focus of the day is to make you and your partner as stress-free as possible and to enjoy the biggest moment of your life. 

Four-Legged Friends Allowed

Want your pup part of the big day? No problem. Your dog is part of your family, and we want them to be part of your wedding ceremony too. The Lonestar Mansion allows four-legged friends for outdoor ceremonies, and they can even walk down the aisles (cue the excitement from guests!) It’s a fun way for you and your partner to incorporate your furry friend into your wedding and create memories that will last forever. Those memories will definitely make a frame-worthy photo! 

Tip: Be sure to talk to us before your wedding about your dog’s size and breed. We want to make sure that your ceremony goes smoothly for all involved. 

Award-Winning Venue

From The Knot to Wedding Wire, The Lonestar Mansion has been awarded the Best Wedding Venue in Burleson for many years in a row. We strive to make every couple have the wedding of their dreams, and we can’t wait to create your perfect wedding day for you! 

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