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The wedding day is obviously a day about the bride and the groom, but there are so many other people who should be honored that day! The mother of the bride puts so much time and effort into making their daughter’s day extra special. So we believe the mother of the bride’s dress should make her feel beautiful and celebrated. Premier DFW mansion venue, Lone Star Mansion has a few ideas for some mother of the bride dress inspiration.

If you’re looking to add some lovely accessories like an eye-catching necklace, try going with a scoop neckline. This will accent your choice in jewelry. Another sweet idea we’ve seen is having the mother of the bride wearing blue. This is a personal way for the bride to add her “something blue!”

When it comes to the most flattering styles, this premier DFW mansion venue believes that a fit and flare is a beautiful style for all mother of the brides out there. This style looks great on any body type! Her waistline can be accentuated with a decorative belt, and the roomy flare of the dress will allow her to dance comfortably. Another popular style we love is the off-the-shoulder look. This style feels slightly more glamorous than others. This style will leave your mom feeling beautiful as she watches walk down the aisle.

An empire waist is also a popular look among mothers of the bride. This flowing style is perfect for a beach wedding or a breezy spring wedding. Your mom will look like a vision in this style as she glides through the night. Lastly, we encourage moms to add a little embellishment! Obviously, your mom will want all eyes on you, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little beading or sparkle to her own dress. A beaded belt or some embellishment along the neckline are a great way to add a little something special.

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The Lone Star Mansion, a beautiful Burleson mansion venue, always keeps a close eye on the most popular wedding trends. We’ve noticed a few unique trends in engagement rings this year. So if you’re on the hunt for your dream engagement ring, we’ve got some ideas for you. Here are a few trends we’ve noticed in 2019: 

  • Adding a pop of color. We’ve seen a few brides adding an exciting element to their engagement rings – using color! Some have added colorful, stackable rings. This adds a little bit of personality and an element of fun to any engagement ring. 
  • Pear-shaped stones. The pear shape is one of the most unique shapes for a stone. Before this year, we hadn’t seen much of this shape. However, we think that this trend will continue to be on the rise this year! It’s such a unique shape. The more brides see it, the more they’ll love it.
  • Yellow gold. In addition to pear-shaped stones, we’ve seen a huge increase in the use of yellow-gold. Brides are using the same shade of gold that is used in their mothers’ engagement rings. But designers are taking this old trend and modernizing it to make it unique for 2019!
  • Antique rings. Brides are on the hunt for the perfect antique ring. What’s unique about antique rings is that they all have a story to them. They’re loving the idea of bringing something so special from the past into their new relationship. The intricacy of an antique ring’s engravings are also another drawing factor to their popularity. 

Between yellow gold and pear-shaped stones, this Burleson mansion venue is always on our toes with the new trends from 2019 brides. We love seeing brides and grooms making decisions that add personality to engagement rings. It makes their relationship even more special when it’s symbolized by something specialized and meaningful. 

Best Mansion Venue

Best Mansion Venue

Fall is approaching and that means fall weddings are upon us! You are probably about to send out your save the dates for your autumn wedding which is the first sign that your big day is almost here. Autumn is a beautiful season to have a wedding because of all the unique additions you can add to your day. As the best mansion venue, we wanted to tell you some of our favorite fall wedding trends.

  • Fall is the season for wooden elements throughout wedding decor! Obviously wooden decor can be used year round, but it just fits into an autumn wedding. You can use shipping palettes to write your menu on or just use wooden boards for typographical elements in your decor. Find an old wooden bar cart to set your cake, or your bar, at! This will add a rustic, fall feel to your entire day.
  • If you want an outdoor wedding into the later part of the season, consider having blankets for guests! Not only will this keep guests happy and attentive if its chilly, but it will add a cozy look to all of your ceremony photos.
  • Use your florals to show the season. Dark, moody bouquets will add a beautiful autumn touch and will match the leaves of the trees. You can also opt for branches as floral fillers rather than greenery. This will continue to help set the autumn inspired mood of your wedding at the best mansion venue.
  • Take advantage of fall food and drinks! Consider having a dessert bar, like a s’mores bar or a hot chocolate bar. You can serve fall-inspired drinks, as well. Apple cider, virgin or spiked, is always a favorite. Mulled wine and hot toddys would be a great option for an autumn cocktail hour.

Best DFW Wedding Venue

Best DFW Wedding Venue

You’ve been dreaming about your wedding dress since as long as you can remember. All of the styles are so fun to imagine on, whether you want to look like a princess or sleek and fashionable, there are so many options! Almost too many, especially when it is actually time to try on the dresses of your dreams. Lone Star Mansion has been on the lookout for our favorite dresses to wear at the best DFW wedding venue!

  • Recently, we have loved all of the non-traditional dresses that we have seen. Brides are ditching the plain white and opting for pale pinks, blues, and even sometimes colors like black or red! If you are a trailblazer, don’t be afraid to try on that colored dress.
  • Simple, but flowing is another beautiful gown. Go for the dress with minimal lace and jewels, but that has the long train and the billowing sleeves! This will catch everyone’s attention. You are certain to be the center of attention in a flowing gown.
  • An elegant, princess style is another dress that we are currently in love with. A dress with simple details and a full skirt is a simple look, but it is always stunning on whoever is wearing it. You can even find dresses that are simple and striking in the front with a full lace section on the dress’ back, like BHLDN’s Beloved Gown.

No matter what dress you choose to go with for your big day, we hope to see you in it at our beautiful mansion venue. Our mansion backdrop will make you look and feel like the princess you are on your wedding day. If you are interested in having your wedding with us, please, feel free to contact us for more information, pricing, dates, and details.