Texas Luxury VenueTexas Inspired Wedding Decor and Details

The bride and groom may want to add an elegant nod to their wedding being located in Texas. Especially for couples who were born and raised in the state of Texas, they’re devoted to the love of their home state. We’re proud to be working with Texas couples at the Lone Star Mansion.


Get inspired by our Texas Inspired Wedding Decor and Details and make it yours:


Subtle Hints

“Easter eggs” are intentional hints to your guests. Subtle enough to keep your wedding luxurious and not wavering over into a tacky Texas-themed wedding. More is less with these accent pieces, so use them strategically and sparingly to keep the focus of your day on the beauty of your love. A few example accents include leather textures for the men’s pocket squares, a dainty outline of Texas on the menu or bar list, simple bolo ties around vases, and a cowboy boot display holder of flowers.


Displaying the State Flower

Bluebonnets are extremely popular for their blooming fields. Including the Texas state flower in your bouquet or floral centerpiece, it’s a delicate touch and ode to Texas. If your wedding is scheduled in the springtime between March to mid-April, bluebonnets’ peak season is perfect for your occasion.


Branding Family Mementos

A version of the garter toss activity between the bride and groom can be replaced with a Texas activity such as branding a family memento. Branding a sign that can be passed down to future generations is a great reception memory. Encourage guests to add their names before or after the bride and groom brand the sign. Have a special family item in mind? Think about ways you could brand it. Plus, it makes for a refreshing candid photo moment of both the bride and groom as well as the guests’ reactions.


Feature a Local Winery or Brewery

Texas wineries and breweries will add the perfect touch of love for the state. Tasting a variety of options with your partner could be a pre-wedding get-away date. Texas offers many wine and beer excursions, so it’s up to you to find your favorite feature.


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Top Recycling Practices for Your Wedding ItemsTop Recycling Practices for Your Wedding Items

We’re all about repurposing the quality crafted wedding items you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Especially in 2020, recycling and sustainability in the wedding industry are more of a booming trend. Brides and grooms are interested in their wedding resources being used for weeks or even years from the wedding day.

Wedding Dress

After your DFW wedding, you can pass down your wedding dress in an intentional way that doesn’t force your style on your future daughter or daughter-in-law. A few ways to repurpose your wedding dress includes making a christening gown for your baby, creating a bouquet wrap for your daughter’s wedding, or crafting wedding gown wall art. All three will showcase your dress in a meaningful way for your family and friends.

Left-Over Food

Make a plan on how to distribute your wedding food left-overs with your caterers. Give your guests the option to take home some extras including the entrees and desserts. This must be easy for your guests to take home with no-spill packaging.


Floral arrangements can last much longer than just the day-of. An extra wedding favor for the bridal party to take home from both the ceremony and reception. Another way to coordinate this repurposing tactic is to ask your florist to supply some extra wrap.

Extra Invitations

Think about displaying your wedding invites in a picture frame with some dried flowers and a few black and white images. You could also reutilize the extra invites for a scrapbook. Adding photo prints into the invites with a guest name descriptor creatively shares your wedding attendees. Don’t let that beautiful stationery go to waste and share fun behind-the-scenes memories.

Wedding Decor

If you own any of the wedding decor items, you can store them until the holiday season. Whether they’re gift holders or accent elements, wedding decor typically goes amazing with the silver, gold, and greenery of holiday gift-giving.

Beyond this list of easy recycling practices, you can always get innovative with the specific items at your wedding. Your ornate wedding resources will be appreciated beyond the single day of your ceremony and reception.

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10 Behind the Scenes Wedding Moments to Capture10 Behind the Scenes Wedding Moments to Capture

Booking your wedding at Lone Star Mansion comes with a romantic and historic ambiance, so we always encourage photographers and videographers to take advantage of the venue’s backdrop and characteristics. Keep your vendors in the know and to come early. You’ll want to document the best behind the scenes of your wedding.


The Outdoor Steps

The steps of the Lone Star elevate the experience of the day. Capturing couples and wedding parties on these iconic steps is number one on our checklist of behind the scenes must-captures. As guests arrive, the photographer and videographer could snap some candid shots.


Get-Ready Mirror Shot

The bridal party room is a highlight due to the tradition of the bridal party support. The oval, detailed mirror provides a frame for putting on makeup, hair styling, and pinning the veil.


Get-Ready Pool Shot

Similar to the get-ready mirror shot of the bridal party room, catching the groom and the camaraderie shares the anticipation from his point of view. It gives the bride and groom an opportunity to look back at and share the memories post-wedding.


Walking on the Bridge

We can’t leave this quaint bridge. It’s a time for the soon-to-be newlyweds and photographer to get intimate shots and alone time to relish in their special day. Imagine the bridges from a romance novel; that’s a bonus detail of our venue.


Wedding Dress Showcase on the Stairs

The indoor stairs offer a traditional setting with an editorial approach. The bride can accentuate her gown by facing away from the camera and acting like she’s walking up the stairs as her dress is embellished. The bridal party could also stand on the lower steps with the photographer and bride on a higher level. We always want new


Pre-Wedding Gift Giving

Some couples choose to send each other pre-wedding gifts, and what a precious and emotional behind the scenes photo to get. Why not relish in the excitement of marrying your best friend and look back on later?


Popping Champagne

Both sides of the wedding party could pop some champagne in their dressing rooms. We’ve also had bridal parties in their silk robes use the classic porch. It’s a celebration, so why not have a blast?


Parent Support

While this part can’t be planned, a father-in-law saying something loving to his soon-to-be daughter-in-law is an emotional and authentic moment.


Before Walking Down the Aisle

Seeing the bride’s expression is a gift for the groom. He’ll want to see how his gorgeous newlywed looked right before walking down the aisle towards him.


Toast Reactions

As the couples’ loved ones share anecdotes, getting some close-ups of everyone’s reactions is a no-brainer.


If you need some visual representation of these behind the scenes examples, check out our galleries. You’ll see how previous weddings have used the space for their occasion.

How to Discover Your Wedding Aesthetic

Why is it important to discover the look and feel of your wedding? Before you start the full planning of your wedding, picking out some select wedding aesthetics you love is an essential foundation. Knowing what you have in mind prior to picking out vendors and choosing the decor is an obvious must. The other reason is that it gives everyone involved, including you and your partner, clear direction. Laying out the rest is a lot more simple when you have the ground work down.

Collect Inspiration

Of course, everyone raves about their dream Pinterest styled wedding coming true. You’ll be able to find a lot of inspiration there, but also consider looking at sites like The Knot as well as your favorite boutiques, gardens, restaurants, etc. 

Collecting wedding inspiration specific to Texas will be extremely helpful with nearby vendors contributing to the wedding look. The DFW wedding vendors that helped out with the weddings that are close to your aesthetic will be able to emulate something similar at Lone Star Mansion.

Questions to Ask

If you’re needing further guidance, here are some vital questions to ask yourself when deciding your DFW wedding aesthetic:

What is the overall mood you want for your wedding? Are you looking for calm and romantic or quirky and adventurous? Try pairing a few different adjectives and feelings to associate with what you’re looking for.

How would you describe your personal style? A good place to start is looking at your wardrobe and home interior. What makes you the most happy about these items? Is it the color, texture, cut, smell, etc? Write down a few of the senses that come to mind to determine your style later on.

How would you describe your partner’s style? Ask your partner about some of their favorite belongings and then ask them what they love most about it. They may already have a pretty good inclination of their style too, so tailor the questions to their personality.

Do you want guests to feel an experience you create or they create? Are you wanting your guests to feel like they’re having a ballroom dance escape or something more intimate and grounded? Put yourself in your guests shoes and imagine what you’d like them to experience.

With these major questions in mind, you’ll be able to decipher a mix of aesthetics that will cater to you as well as your partner and guests. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about making your dream come true at Lone Star Mansion.