Best DFW Wedding Venue

Wedding Dress Styles We Love

You’ve been dreaming about your wedding dress for as long as you can remember. All of the styles are so fun to imagine; whether you want to look like a princess or sleek and fashionable, there are so many options! Almost too many, especially when it is actually time to try on the dresses of your dreams. Lone Star Mansion has been on the lookout for our favorite dresses to wear at the best DFW wedding venue!

  • Recently, we have loved all of the non-traditional dresses that we have seen. Brides are ditching the plain white and opting for pale pinks, blues, and even sometimes colors like black or red! If you are a trailblazer, don’t be afraid to try on that colored dress.
  • Simple, but flowing is another beautiful gown. Go for the dress with minimal lace and jewels, but that has the long train and the billowing sleeves! This will catch everyone’s attention. You are certain to be the center of attention in a flowing gown.
  • An elegant, princess style is another dress that we are currently in love with. A dress with simple details and a full skirt is a simple look, but it is always stunning on whoever is wearing it. You can even find dresses that are simple and striking in the front with a full lace section on the dress’ back, like BHLDN’s Beloved Gown.

No matter what dress you choose to go with for your big day, we hope to see you in it at our beautiful mansion venue. Our mansion backdrop will make you look and feel like the princess you are on your wedding day. If you are interested in having your wedding with us, please, feel free to contact us for more information, pricing, dates, and details.

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