DFW Mansion Wedding

DFW Mansion Wedding

You’ve just booked your DFW mansion wedding venue and the planning phase of your engagement has officially begun! The Lone Star Mansion has all of the tips and tricks for you to plan your wedding like a pro! Keep reading to learn more about the ins and outs of planning your wedding.

Be sure to plan your budget first. Your budget will be the indicator for everything that goes into your wedding, like guest count, type of catering, and who you can use as your photographer. Making sure that this is planned out from the beginning will help you to plan everything else down the road.

Let one vendor lead you to another! This is a great way to find the perfect vendor for you. If you’re having a tough time picking a florist, ask your photographer or venue or videographer who they have loved working with before. They will be happy to tell you a list of recommendations.

When you’re trying to trim your wedding budget, remember that the easiest way to lower the amount that you are spending is by cutting your guest list. This saves you money on drinks, food, cake, and potentially even a larger venue space! If you’re spending $100 per head and you cut only 10 people, that is a whole $1000 freed up.

Lastly, put together a wedding planning schedule and stick to it. Create a logical and easy to follow step by step plan for the months leading up to your wedding day. If you have not invested in a physical planner yet, now is the time to!

The Lone Star Mansion is so excited to see you and your fully planned out and finished wedding here at our DFW Mansion! Contact us today to learn more about setting up a tour and your wedding date.

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