wedding invitation details

First impressions are everything, so if you’re struggling with your wedding invitation details here are some helpful tips on what you should and shouldn’t put on your invitations.

Here’s what you should put on your invitation:

Knowing the state, city and venue location is important for your guests to know. Especially if it’s out of town and they need to make special arrangements to attend.

Date and start time of the wedding
This is another important piece of information that should go on your invitations. This allows guests to know whether they need to arrive a day early if it’s a morning wedding or if they can travel same day.

Wedding website
This is where all your extra information will live so it’s a good idea to include this on the invitation so that guests know where to find more information such as accommodations and your wedding registry. If you don’t plan on having a wedding website, it’s important to include a separate card with all this additional information as to not take away from the formality of the invitation. However, we don’t see why you would not have a website as you can create a free one on The Knot.

Here’s what you shouldn’t put on your invitation:

Kid-free wedding

Putting it so plainly may rub guests the wrong way. There are a number of ways to request that guests do not bring their children in a more polite way. For instance, you can start by writing the names of the specific people you want to invite. Instead of saying “The Smith Family” putting “John and Jane Smith”. However to avoid further confusion you can also write on your website something along the lines of “We look forward to celebrating with you, and have a relaxing kid-free evening with you.”

Your phone number

Though most of your guests probably have your number, putting your number on the invitation is in essence an invitation to contact you if they have any questions. Not exactly what you need while planning a wedding. However, if you do want to still answer questions see if a friend or family member will be the go to for these inevitable questions. Then you can put their phone number on the invitation.

List of accommodations & pricing

If you are providing a room block or just want to suggest places in the area if your guests are from out of town. A website or a separate card for out of town guests is a more appropriate place than on your invitation.

Your wedding hashtag

If you decide to have a wedding hashtag, it’s best practice to leave that to being posted on social media, your website, and/or signs on your wedding day. Having a wedding hashtag on your invitation lowers the formality of the invite.