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The wedding day is obviously a day about the bride and the groom, but there are so many other people who should be honored that day! The mother of the bride puts so much time and effort into making their daughter’s day extra special. So we believe the mother of the bride’s dress should make her feel beautiful and celebrated. Premier DFW mansion venue, Lone Star Mansion has a few ideas for some mother of the bride dress inspiration.

If you’re looking to add some lovely accessories like an eye-catching necklace, try going with a scoop neckline. This will accent your choice in jewelry. Another sweet idea we’ve seen is having the mother of the bride wearing blue. This is a personal way for the bride to add her “something blue!”

When it comes to the most flattering styles, this premier DFW mansion venue believes that a fit and flare is a beautiful style for all mother of the brides out there. This style looks great on any body type! Her waistline can be accentuated with a decorative belt, and the roomy flare of the dress will allow her to dance comfortably. Another popular style we love is the off-the-shoulder look. This style feels slightly more glamorous than others. This style will leave your mom feeling beautiful as she watches walk down the aisle.

An empire waist is also a popular look among mothers of the bride. This flowing style is perfect for a beach wedding or a breezy spring wedding. Your mom will look like a vision in this style as she glides through the night. Lastly, we encourage moms to add a little embellishment! Obviously, your mom will want all eyes on you, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little beading or sparkle to her own dress. A beaded belt or some embellishment along the neckline are a great way to add a little something special.

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