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We all know that family can hard to deal with. When you get all of your family in one room, it can be even harder, but that is not something that you want to worry about on your wedding day. No one wants to deal with family drama when everyone is supposed to be celebrating. We have some tips and tricks to best avoid, and diffuse, tension and drama on your wedding day.

  • Firstly, no matter what happens, you need to remain a united front with your new spouse. Be sure to communicate any potential trouble spots with each other before the big day so that you’re both aware of the possibilities.
  • Come up with ways before the big day to take away potential trouble spots. If you know two of your relatives that don’t get along, seat them on opposite sides of the room. This will naturally make it harder for them to create any drama with each other. Have ways to diffuse situations already planned out. Let a family member know that if something happens, you want them to be in charge of separating the drama so that it is not on your plate.
  • If you feel comfortable doing so, talk to those people prior to the big day and let them know that drama won’t be tolerated. You would really like both parties to be there to celebrate you in a healthy way.
  • Lastly, if you think two people absolutely cannot get along for your big day, consider not inviting them at all. This might seem harsh, but it is your big day and you deserve to have a drama and stress free day to celebrate. If you feel like someone or something might put a damper on it, it is your call to make on not inviting them.

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