DFW Mansion Venue

We love seeing all of the different people in your life at our DFW mansion venue. One of the hardest parts of choosing your wedding party is: how big or small does it need to be? You don’t want to disappoint any friends, but you don’t want to let everyone be in it, either. The average size for a wedding party is 5-6 on each side. Does this number seem really low or pretty high to you? Let’s go over some of the factors that might help you decide your wedding party size.

  • Are you looking into doing a lot of DIY tasks in preparation for your wedding? Consider a bigger wedding party. More people means more hands and more time available to help you out with all of your wedding DIY ideas and planning.
  • Are you needing to cut costs? A smaller party might be the way to go. Traditionally, the couple will pay for the bouquets and lodging for the wedding party. The smaller the party, the less you have t worry about paying.
  • Another way to make sure you have the right size of wedding party is to match it to the size of your guest list. If you’re having an intimate ceremony and reception of 50 or less, consider having 2-4 people on each side. On the other hand, if you’re planning a wedding for 200+, consider having 7-10 on each side. This will make the wedding feel more balanced.
  • All in all, don’t feel like your wedding party has to be a certain number! If you have 2 best friends from 2nd grade that you’ve dreamed of being the only ones forever now, just have 2! If you have 12 sorority sisters and 2 roommates that you just have to have in your wedding party, have a 14 person wedding party! It comes down to what you want out of your wedding.

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