You’re having a summer wedding! It’s a dream-come-true. You’re certain your guests are going to love all of your thoughtful details (and they will!) … unless they’re being eaten alive by mosquitos or frying like bacon in the sun.

Don’t worry, we’re ALL about summer weddings. Simply follow our five fav summer wedding hacks and everyone will be swooning—in a good way.

No Clear Tents

A lot of couples favor clear tents for their clean architectural lines; but in the hot summer sun, they act more like a magnifying glass. If you’re thinking of an outdoor wedding with tents, opt for white tents with ceiling fans to keep guests cool.

Follow the Sun

Late afternoons can be sweltering and make for an uncomfortable experience for your guests. Ensure you know the sun’s placement; and if possible, wait until dusk for your ceremony. You’ll also want to be sure the sun won’t be in your eyes during your ceremony.

Keep Food Light

Choose light, cool food such as oysters or shrimp cocktail on ice, cold cucumber or gazpacho soup shooters, and light canapes to keep guests from feeling weighed down and overheated. Mini tacos, lobster rolls and BBQ sliders are great options too because they’re substantial without being rich.

Apply SPF

There is nothing more painful than a sunburned honeymoon. #enoughsaid

Keep it Comfy

Your wedding day is for your guests to enjoy. Keep them at the center of your wedding selections—especially those that will add comfort during the hot summer months. Ensure they are provided personalized fans or parasols.  Offer personalized bottled waters to seated guests. And include spray sunscreen, bug repellent and hand sanitizer at stations throughout your venue. Make every effort to ensure your guests are smitten—not swatting and sweltering—and your summer wedding will be absolutely everything you dreamed!

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