It’s officially summertime. For some that means going to the pool and getting a tan and for others that means going to your DFW wedding venue to get hitched! We are so excited about all of the weddings that we will see this summer at Lone Star Mansion, and are here to tell you about some fun ways to make your summer wedding really feel like summertime.

  1. Take advantage of the season and use bright colors! Every other season of the year favors darer or paler colors, but summer calls for vibrant pinks, yellows, and greens. Decorate your ceremony and reception in florals and other decorations that utilize this.
  2. For example, use bright florals that you wouldn’t use any other time of the years, like sunflowers and palm leaves! The colors on these two are bright and fun, a perfect pairing for the summer.
  3. Apart from flowers, have fun with the small decorations. Use fruit, like pineapples and citrus fruits, throughout your decor. It is a fun twist that you can really only do at this time of year. If you are not about fruit, spice up your ice coolers. Rather than having a bucket of ice, make a bucket made of ice! You can even freeze flowers in the ice to continue your color theme.
  4. For your bigger decorations, invest in a balloon arch or balloon wall! These have become incredibly popular and are a fun touch to any reception. Make sure to also use all of the string lights, especially if your wedding is outdoors! It creates a fun, light ambiance no matter what time of day it is. Lastly, do something unique with the chairs; rather than using tulle on them, use macrame. This will feel airy and add a nice boho touch to your DFW wedding venue.