oak tree decorate for the ceremony

With all these royal brides getting married, how can you not imagine them at your own DFW mansion venue? Apparently Eugenie loves rich, vibrant tones of autumn as much as we do. The couple went for an autumnal floral theme for their church flowers. We’ve analyzed her stunning autumn arrangements to give you some ideas on how to get the same look at your own wedding.

Bridal Bouquet

Eugenie’s bridal bouquet was arranged in a teardrop shape, the arrangement included lily of the valley, stephanotis pips, baby blue thistles, white spray roses and trailing ivy. Given that this is a royal wedding, Her florals were also laden with significance. The use of myrtle is a tradition for royal brides dating back to Queen Victoria. If you’re looking to create a similar bouquet use ivy to create a cascading look and include a floral or two of personal significance to you. Perhaps your grandmother’s favorite floral or flowers that grew around your childhood home.

The Stairway

As Eugenie made her way up the steps to the Windsor Church in that gorgeous understated gown she was flanked on either side by large overgrown arrangements broken up by tall Liquid Amber trees. The floral displays were sourced locally from Windsor Great Park, and include roses, hydrangeas, dahlias, and berries. Pull from her palette using lots of leafy greens that have tinges of yellow and red and add a couple pops of pastel pink, orange, and purple to create a dramatic and engaging fall floral statement for your aisle and reception.

Doorway Arch

The focal point of her first kiss in front of the church was those gorgeous Liquid Amber trees around the entrance. Create a similar archway for your ceremony with an autumn leaf garland in bright green, golden yellow and amber.

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