bride and groom outside mansion

With royal wedding news a buzz perhaps you’ve thought about planning your own royal inspired wedding – what better way to tie the knot like a royal than at our mansion venue? Here are some ideas to inspire your own royal wedding.

Don’t Forget The Décor

Royal weddings are always grand affairs, choosing a venue with lots of history which already has many grand features is a great place to start. Building on that history using linens, elegant cutlery, and a royal color palette will elevate your affair.

Nibble On Some Royal Eats And Sweets

It wouldn’t be a royal party without food. There are many ways to through a royal feast. You can do a buffet style like Kate Middleton and Prince William did or you can opt for a formal dinner.

Send Everyone Home With Royal Crowns or Hats

A royal wedding would not be complete without crowns and fancy hats. Offer these fun props for your guests to wear through the night so they to can feel like royalty as they dance through the night and celebrate with you.

Gifts and Favors

A  royal-approved tradition is to make a donation in leu of gifts or favors. Simply having a place card at the table explaining what charity was donated to is perfectly acceptable. In countries like Scotland an mini-alcoholic beverage is a traditional favor as well if you’d like to give favors.