Choice Dallas Luxury Wedding Venue

Choice Dallas Luxury Wedding Venue

There’s always so many lists of what you need to be doing or be planning for the week before your wedding. What about what you probably shouldn’t do? Lone Star Mansion, your choice Dallas luxury wedding venue, is here to share a few tips of what to avoid leading up to your big day.

You should avoid getting a facial or trying out beauty treatments for the first time within at least a week range of your big day. These can lead to dry skin, redness, and breakouts. It is best to do new things to your face a few weeks out. This will give your face enough time to heal if any type of a reaction happens.

Another thing you should avoid are drastic hair changes. Don’t dye your hair that bright red color you’ve always wanted to try right before your wedding. Even if you end up loving it, you may not like it in your wedding pictures 20 years down the line. When you look back on pictures you will not see the regular you, but someone you don’t recognize at all! With hair coloring, you shouldn’t get a major cut within the week of your wedding, either. You planned on your dress going with what your hair currently looks like, not what you will be changing it to.

Lastly, avoid staying up too late! It is easy to do the week of your wedding since you are finalizing last minute details, stressing, or even spending it with your bridesmaids. It will only stress you out more and make you tired on your wedding day, and no one wants that!

These tips are just our recommendations to you. If you want to go for that new hairstyle before your wedding, just do it! Don’t let us stop you. You will be the most beautiful bride and the center of attention no matter what.

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