Lone Star Mansion Venue

Lone Star Mansion Venue

At The Lone Star Mansion Venue, we offer day-of coordinators with our packages! What exactly is the point of a day-of coordinator? You’ve gotten this far without a wedding coordinator, so can’t you do the same on your wedding day? We’re here to tell you all about why you need a day-of coordinator and why we provide one for you!

On the day of your wedding, your coordinator will become your best friend. If you have questions or need help, they will be there for you! Any issues that might come up, they are there to deal with. If people have questions, they can take them to the coordinator instead of you.

On top of questions and help, your day-of coordinator will be there for you to figure out timing and places for everyone! Your coordinator will be with you from rehearsal to down the aisle to ensuring that your reception goes smoothly. The day-of coordinator will make sure that everyone knows who they walk own with, where they will stand, and the tempo to walk to down the aisle at.

The goal of having a day-of coordinator is to make sure that everyone, but most of all you, have a stress free day. We want you to focus on your big day as a happy day, not a day full of stress and planning. We want to give you this stress-free part of your day by offering day-of coordinators with our packages. This will also make it so that you have one less vendor to find on your own.

We would love to talk you through some of our packages and other amenities that we offer with each package! While we are so excited about our day-of coordinators, we have other amenities, as well. Contact us to find out more.

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