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The bride and groom may want to add an elegant nod to their wedding being located in Texas. Especially for couples who were born and raised in the state of Texas, they’re devoted to the love of their home state. We’re proud to be working with Texas couples at the Lone Star Mansion.

Get inspired by our Texas Inspired Wedding Decor and Details and make it yours:

Subtle Hints

“Easter eggs” are intentional hints to your guests. Subtle enough to keep your wedding luxurious and not wavering over into a tacky Texas-themed wedding. More is less with these accent pieces, so use them strategically and sparingly to keep the focus of your day on the beauty of your love. A few example accents include leather textures for the men’s pocket squares, a dainty outline of Texas on the menu or bar list, simple bolo ties around vases, and a cowboy boot display holder of flowers.

Displaying the State Flower

Bluebonnets are extremely popular for their blooming fields. Including the Texas state flower in your bouquet or floral centerpiece, it’s a delicate touch and ode to Texas. If your wedding is scheduled in the springtime between March to mid-April, bluebonnets’ peak season is perfect for your occasion.

Branding Family Mementos

A version of the garter toss activity between the bride and groom can be replaced with a Texas activity such as branding a family memento. Branding a sign that can be passed down to future generations is a great reception memory. Encourage guests to add their names before or after the bride and groom brand the sign. Have a special family item in mind? Think about ways you could brand it. Plus, it makes for a refreshing candid photo moment of both the bride and groom as well as the guests’ reactions.

Feature a Local Winery or Brewery

Texas wineries and breweries will add the perfect touch of love for the state. Tasting a variety of options with your partner could be a pre-wedding get-away date. Texas offers many wine and beer excursions, so it’s up to you to find your favorite feature.

Are you ready to book your wedding for 2021? We’re delighted to speak with you about your unique wedding experience and plan.

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