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Setting a wedding date can be a challenge. If you’re considering claiming a holiday weekend for your upcoming nuptials, we have a few tips to help guide you along the way.

Sending Save the Dates

Experts recommend sending save the dates at least six months in advance if you are planning a holiday wedding. People rarely make plans for more than six months in advance, so this gives plenty of time to plan ahead. In addition to your save the dates, your invitations should go out a minimum of 2 months in advance.

Your Invite List

Invitation lists are a funny thing right now, while circumstances are changing week to week and month to month. For most couples, we are seeing a smaller turn out than expected, since some guests aren’t comfortable attending a group event. Having your event on a holiday, will also likely affect your turnout. Depending on the holiday you select this can increase turnout (typically on 3 days weekend holidays) or decrease on holidays on others that are popular for family tradition or travel.

Create a Holiday Experience

If you’re having your event on a holiday, embrace it. Depending on the holiday, it can be a small nod, like a patriotic-themed wedding favor for an Independence Day Event, or a full themed event for a holiday like New Year’s Eve. Letting your guests celebrate your day, while also embracing the holiday will not only create an event to remember, but it will feel original and unique to you as a couple.

Confirm Your Favorite Vendors in Advance

Don’t forget, vendors celebrate holidays also. You’ll want to get a headstart compared to what you wedding timeline checklist is telling you, in regards to booking your favorite vendors. So many vendors reserve certain holidays for time and traditions with their family, while others book up quickly on holidays or highly requested dates.

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