best Dallas venue

Best Dallas Venue

As the best Austin venue, we would love to help you find your other vendors, as well! Selecting vendors can be an intimidating task when you begin, but it does not have to be! As your best Austin venue, we want to be by your side during this wedding planning and choosing process.

  • Before you meet with any vendors, set your budget in advance! This will probably help to narrow down your list of possibilities at least a little bit. Be realistic, but know your priorities. If you and your fiancé are foodies, make a little bit more room for the catering budget. This is an important step before going into meet with vendors so that you can be upfront with them about your financial expectations.
  • Before, or even after meetings, know that social media and reviewing websites are your friend! We all know that people don’t hold back on the internet, and the same is true with reviews. If 12 out of 15 reviews say that the vendor was great, or vice versa, that might give you a much needed answer as to if you will use them. You want vendors that are team players, that will work with you.
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the vendors! Maybe your perfect baker is a little over your budget; tell them that and see if anything can be changed or adjusted. You never know, and it never hurts to try to cut a deal.
  • Last but not least, ask all the questions and take all the notes during any meetings or phone calls with vendors. Even when you are just doing research through reviews and websites, notes will help exponentially later on. Your future self will thank you when all of the information you could want is all in one place.