Small Wedding Splurges

Burleson Small Wedding Splurges Now that we’re are all embracing the new normal, and accepting the fact that small weddings may be around for a while, we want to give you a few tips on the best places to splurge for your big day. From flowers to photography and decor to entertainment – the priorities […]

Breathtaking Wedding Photos Burleson

We know that planning your wedding day starts with finding the perfect location and the perfect backdrop for your wedding day photography and we believe Lone Star Mansion will be that place for you. Whether you live in the Burleson area and want an event that feels like home, or are looking for a unique […]

Why You Should Consider a DFW Mansion Wedding

Why You Should Consider a DFW Mansion Wedding We understand the benefits of a mansion wedding, but for many couples, it may seem out of reach—perhaps too expensive or elaborate. The cost of a mansion wedding, however, is often less than a traditional venue. Most wedding couples are surprised by this and excited at the […]

Unique Items For Your Something Borrowed

DFW Mansion Venue It is almost wedding time at our DFW Mansion Venue and you’re still ironing out some of the details, including your something borrowed! What should you use for your something borrowed? We have a few ideas from the favorites we have seen in the past for you! Your something borrowed doesn’t have […]