DFW Mansion Venue

Velvet is in for this fall.

Velvet is a good addition to any wedding because it adds a fun texture and typically has beautiful, rich colors that you can really take advantage of. This fabric is great when used sparsely or all over the place. We wanted to share some of our favorite ways that we’ve seen velvet used at our DFW mansion venue.

  • A big way to use velvet in your decor is by using velvet table cloths or tying velvet ribbon to the backs of chairs. This will give your entire reception a homey, elegant feel that is hard to accomplish otherwise! Guests will be thoroughly impressed that you went above and beyond in this small aspect.
  • You can also use velvet in the wedding attire. You can go all out and have velvet bridesmaids dresses in deep emeralds or rust colors. Your groomsmen’s look can complement these dresses by having them wear velvet ties or bowties. This will add a subtle matching component that will keep everything in the same theme. You could even switch this up! Have your groomsmen wear velvet tuxes and your bridesmaids wear a velvet ribbon as a waist belt around their dresses.
  • Speaking of velvet ribbons, you can use these in your bridesmaid’s or flower girl’s hair, tying up a simple half up, half down look. You could tie velvet ribbons around the stems of all of your bouquets to create a unified, textured look. You could even have a velvet ribbon around your own waist, accompanying your wedding dress!

There are so many ways to add in subtle and less subtle pops of velvet into your wedding day. We can’t wait to see how you use this fabric to amp up your wedding decor at our DFW mansion venue. We don’t see this textured trend going out anytime soon, either!

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