Wedding Plan Like A Pro

DFW Mansion Wedding You’ve just booked your DFW mansion wedding venue and the planning phase of your engagement has officially begun! The Lone Star Mansion has all of the tips and tricks for you to plan your wedding like a pro! Keep reading to learn more about the ins and outs of planning your wedding. […]

Tips for An Outdoor Wedding

Burleson Mansion Venue The time of year for outdoor weddings is coming back up, so we wanted to let you know about some outdoor wedding venue tips! As your favorite Burleson mansion venue, we are here to help you out. Keep reading to learn more about outdoor weddings. The first tip that we have for […]

Ceremony Backdrop Inspiration

ceremony set up outside lone star ansion

Burleson Mansion Wedding Are you trying to figure out what your ceremony backdrop should be on your wedding day? There’s so much inspiration out there, but we’ve compiled our favorites that we’ve seen at our Burleson Mansion Venue! We truly think that each of these would look phenomenal in our venue depending on which part […]