bride and groom photo

At our Texas mansion venue we have seen many brides play the comparison game. You’ll find yourself following #weddingsinspo and scrolling through an endless feed of wedding perfection. Then four hours later your second-guessing every decision you have made. Here is a breakdown on how to keep the joy in wedding planning and not falling into the wedding comparison trap.

Love your choices

Focus your wedding planning on those really meaningful elements for you and your fiancé. What will create unique and memorable moments? What will represent your unique bond and personalities? Should you include your pet in a special way? The more you focus your energy on these items the more you will genuinely love the choices you make.

Know when to stop

It’s natural to look at wedding inspo every day after you are engaged. However, as your planning progresses its best to start limiting how often you’re looking. Once you have chosen your flowers, your dress, and other elements you have no need to keep looking. Being over-aware of the never-ending options out there can create unneeded stress.

Styled Shoots

Often styled shoots are not even of real weddings. You could be looking at a shoot put together by a professional team for a magazine. One photo cannot represent the entirety of a real-life wedding. Keep in mind that photo shoots are meant to inspire not to be replicated exactly.

Celebrate and focus on gratitude

At the end of all the planning, try and focus on the celebration. A simple idea that is easy to forget. Reminding yourself will help keep yourself grounded when feelings of despair start. Gratitude for how special it is that out of all the people in the world you found that one person and you are starting your lives together. It’s hard not to feel joy when thinking about your love and future together.