bride and groom send off with sparklers

At our Burleson wedding venue we know how important it is to capture those special moments of your big day. Choosing the right photographer to tell your love story through photographs makes all the difference. It needs to be someone you can collaborate with and trust to give you stunning photos in the end. Here are 3 tips for getting the wedding photos of your dreams.

Ask for the shots you want, including those intimate candids

Finding the right photographer is all about communication and knowing what style of photography you want to have. If you want documentary-style candid shots or only posed shots you need to communicate that with your photographer. If you don’t find the right photographer right away, don’t worry, it’s more important that you find the right fit and that can take time.

Share your style and set pricing expectations

Every photographer’s style and way of editing is different. Request to see a full portfolio from a previous wedding to get a feel of their overall style as many curate only the best ones on their website. You’ll want to see how they deal with night/day photography and indoor/outdoor as well.

Set a day to get your photo album afterward

Life moves fast after the big day is said and done. Having a set date to get photos back from the photographer gives both you and the photographer a hard deadline so it’s not forgotten after you wedding day has come and gone.