2020 Wedding Decor Trends

March 17, 2020

Fort Worth Wedding

Are you having a wedding in 2020? Here are all of the trends that we are seeing this year in wedding decor! Some range from fun and unique to cute and simple. We can’t wait to see if these get used at our Fort Worth Wedding Venue!

One of the more fun and out-there trends of 2020 is implementing disco balls in your wedding decor! No, but seriously. We’re not talking just a disco ball above the dance floor, but full-on decorating with them! Creating clumps of different sized ones with tulle or florals mixed in creates a fun and unique atmosphere during your reception.

Color blocking, which is using contrasting colors side by side to create an eye-catching pattern, is alos more popular this year! We saw this popping up in 2019, but 2020 is the year of color blocking. Create a color-blocked pattern for behind your sweetheart table or for a unique photo booth to create stunning pictures.

Signage on glass is IN! Think phrases, table charts, table numbers, and anything else that will be written. You can go for normal glass, but don’t forget about glass vases, and jars, too! This will create a stunning and simple table scape on each table.

Lastly, edible florals! You can use edible florals on your cake, in your signature cocktails, in ice cubes, on top of other desserts, and anywhere else, as well! They make a beautiful addition to any drink or dessert item, so don’t be afraid to use them.

Are you nterested in having your upcoming wedding at our venue? We would love to talk with you about your upcoming big day to see if we have open dates! Contact us today to get the conversation started or to set up a tour of our Fort Worth Wedding venue!