Fort Worth Mansion Venue

As Maid of Honor at our Fort Worth mansion venue, you will have many jobs throughout the pre-wedding and wedding process. It is a lot of work, but for someone that you love, it will all be worth it. We will highlight some of the important ones for you to know.

  1. Be there for your best friend as they go through dress shopping and fittings. This process is easy for some, and incredibly hard for others. They will need your support as their friend and advocate during these!
  2. Be prepared to plan and host/co-host the bridal shower and bachelorette party. You know your friend the best out of anyone, so you’ll know exactly what she will want out of these things. She might want big, extravagant parties, or she might want a small, intimate get-together. It will be your job to plan and execute this!
  3. No bride wants to have to answer lots of questions from her bridesmaids on her wedding day, so be prepared to be that ear! You will be responsible for keeping the bridesmaids organized and being in charge. Be ready to answer any and all questions that might come up, help the girls be on time, and keep any potential drama at bay.
  4. You will also get to help your best friend get ready for her wedding day! This might include helping get her dress on and making sure her make-up looks how she wants it to. Be ready for anything else she might need, as well!
  5. Lastly and most importantly, you will be needed as a friend throughout the entire wedding process, beginning to end. Be ready to listen, hug, and give solid advice. You will get to see her throughout her marriage and know everything that you two went together to get to her wedding day. It will be a lasting memory that you will share with a dear friend.