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Non-Traditional Wedding Cake Options

Have you begun the search for the cake for your DFW mansion venue? There are so many reasons to go with a non-traditional wedding cake. Some of these include wanting to be different, needing to cut your budget somewhere, and even just not liking cake. Wedding cakes might be a tradition at this point, but sometimes it is fun to go against tradition. So many couples have been opting out of a traditional wedding cake for so many other options. This not only makes this feature more customized, but it might even make it cheaper! There are so many different types of desserts that you can do instead. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Donuts. Who doesn’t love a good donut? Donuts have become an event staple in recent years, and who’s to say that they can’t also be a wedding staple? You can arrange them so that they resemble a cake or do something more unique, like a donut wall.
  2. Maybe you just don’t like typical cakes. Everyone knows that cupcakes are better than cake anyways, so go with a cupcake tower! There are plenty of pretty cake stands that you can stack to create this. Cupcakes are the bite sized version of a whole cake, and you can much easier have multiple flavors. With this option, you can even choose to do full-sized cupcakes or mini cupcakes. For another, more unique option, go with bundt cakes – mini or full size!
  3. Lastly, a homey trend that we have been seeing are pies. With this, you can have multiple flavors and display them in any way that you would like to. You could get different types, sizes, and styles of cake stands on a table and have them layered like that. You could even do something like pie pops or fried pies for guests to carry around and eat while they dance the night away.