wedding ceremony

Admit it, ever since you saw the royal wedding you’ve dreamed about those breath-taking floral arrangements and having your own royal wedding at a mansion venue in Burleson. They were everything you want and more–timeless, dramatic and elegant. We’ve analyzed her jaw-dropping arrangements to give you the insights on how to incorporate them in to your own wedding florals.

Grand Entrance

From the first moment guests arrive you want them to be wowed. Create this visual impact by embracing an arrangement over the entrance that looks like it grew there naturally over decades. Lush greens and soft pastel golds, yellows, and pinks create a sweet, warm, and welcoming atmosphere.

Bridal Bouquet

Meghan’s bouquet was reserved, polished, unexpectedly petite and simple. Emit the same understated beauty and prestige with a similar bouquet with darker greens among white florals to create subtle drama, and brighter greens for a whimsical touch. Finish off with white cotton ribbon.

Large Decorative Arrangements

While Meghan’s bouquet was understated, her floral decor was not. Make a big statement with large garden vases on a pedestal with mixed greens extending gracefully in all directions, broken up by the occasional white floral. Adding white pillar candles on the floor around the bases creates greater an even greater impact.

Ceremony Arch

The focal point of her ceremony, was a waterfall of greens that extended from the second-floor balcony of the church. Creating a similar backdrop with simple lush greens and white flowers, again with the appearance of having grown from the balcony naturally over time.