bridesmaids getting ready

As you’re choosing your DFW wedding venue, searching for the perfect wedding dress, and all the other to-dos on your list it’s easy to get stressed out during wedding planning. When you’re feeling overwhelmed try these simple self-care tips to help calm your nerves.

Spa Day

Take a moment to have a spa day and have a mani-pedi or a massage or both! Go by yourself, with your friends, or even bring your fiancé and just relax. Make it clear there will be no wedding talk if you bring someone with you.

Work out

Sometimes the best way to blow off steam is to work it out. Doing some yoga, going for a run with your fiancé, or a bike ride can help change your mood and clear your head. Be sure to listen to some great beats.

Date Night 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to spend one-on-one time together and do something special to break up the grind of wedding planning. Snuggle up with some popcorn and Netflix, try something you’ve never done before together such as a cooking class, or have dinner at your favorite restaurant. And again, no wedding talk if you can help it.

A Good Night Sleep

Setting yourself up for a good nights sleep can be the refresh you need to face big and small decisions during planning. Take a bubble bath, disconnect from your phone an hour before bed, and try and not bring up any planning before bed so you can go to bed without tossing and turning about the little stuff.