bride getting ready with her friends

Are you a Burleson bride-to-be? Then chances are you’re going to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids. Though their answer is often yes, sometimes your friend with politely decline. Here are some tips for navigating the delicate emotions of disappointment and keep your friendship intact:

Try Seeing it From Her Perspective 

As much as your friend may want to support you on your big day there are reasons some may opt out. Many times it’s due to the cost of being a bridesmaid or some of these other common reasons such as work schedules, family reasons, or the fear of being in front of people. While you should respect your friend’s decision, if you’d really like to have them in your party talk to them and see if there’s something you can do that would make it easier for them to be a part. If there’s not, then know it’s not personal and that they you’ve done what you can.

Include Her in Other Aspects of Your Wedding Journey

Maybe she’s not able to be a bridesmaid but can be involved in other aspects of your wedding journey. You can include her in the early wedding planning stages and join in on other wedding activities like your bachelorette and bridal shower.

Enjoy the Day and Process Regardless 

Whatever your friend’s reasons for not being a bridesmaid, know that you will have not only by surrounded your families on your big day but also the love of your future spouse.