Getting Married During the Pandemic

Getting Married During the Pandemic

The world is slowly reopening, and we’re sure you have lots of questions/angst/ugh about how the pandemic will impact your upcoming wedding. Things have changed in the world around us. But your special day is yours to treasure forever—and we want it to be as exceptional as you imagined. And it can be! Here’s how:

No. 1  Make it a Micro

A lot of our wedding couples are choosing microweddings with fewer than 50 guests in attendance. Microweddings are a perfect way to enjoy your special day with those closest to you. They are financially beneficial for many couples and may offer splurges otherwise unattainable. We love microweddings because they are intimate affairs that allow guests to be an important part of your special day.

No. 2  Curb Coronavirus

Your guests’ health is our highest priority. Allow us to help you find creative ways to incorporate things like hand sanitizer, wedding masks and personalized gloves. We have options for sani-stations and personalized health gifts. Your wedding planner will have vendors to recommend for masks that are fashion-forward, personalized, or customized to compliment your wedding aesthetic. Get creative as you crack down on coronavirus. We’ll take care of social distancing and ensure you are apprised of every, single measure in place to keep you and your guests happy and healthy.

No. 3  Toss Traditions

Before you toss your bouquet, toss the traditions. Wink and wave your guests down the line, in lieu of a reception line. Opt for a minimony followed by a sequel wedding and celebrate twice as much! Stay safe with satellite stations and virtual celebrations. Plan a weekday wedding. Now is the time to unapologetically toss traditions and let your imagination run wild.

As you pare down the guest list and amp up the splurges, your wedding will become even dreamier than you imagined. What’s more, you and your guests will stay safe with a memorable day that creates a dreamy happily, healthfully ever after.

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