The Process

The Wedding, the Process, and Everything In Between

We understand that the process for a wedding can be difficult and full of obstacles. At the Lone Star Mansion, we will work to remove as many of those obstacles as possible. We understand that each couple will have their own desires and visions for the wedding. Our goal is to help you achieve that vision and surpass as many of your expectations as possible. To begin, we will show any client the venues on the 20 acres of Lone Star Mansion. Even before you decide if Lone Star Mansion is the right fit for your wedding, we will show you around the property, including venues such as:

  • Ballroom Venue
  • Lakeside Venue
  • Engagement Party Venue
  • Outdoor Wedding Venue
  • Carriage House Venue
  • Historic Wedding Venue
  • Antebellum Wedding venue

Available Services

We can also host large company parties, retreats, corporate events and more. After touring the property, we will go over the available packages for the client to choose. While prices vary for each one, we can guarantee no hidden fees and full transparency on the price for the event. We will go over every service included in the package, which can be (but may vary):

  • Parking for all guests on property
  • Golf cart service to take guests from the parking lot to the event
  • Multiple options on property for where to host event
  • Catering from an on-site chef including food of appetizers, meals, desserts and more (However much the clients prefer)
  • The entire 20 acres is only open to the wedding that day
  • Capacity of up to 300 guests
  • Ability to move ceremony or party indoors if rain or other weather intervenes
  • Audio and speaker capabilities
  • Offer for couple to stay in a special bridal suite in the mansion after the reception (Not included in all packages)

Once we agree on a venue and date for the big day, we will outline all requests and plans that you and your fiancé may have for your wedding. While we will assign you a “day of” coordinator to make sure everything goes according to plan, we welcome you to bring your own planner and anything you must have for your wedding.

The Big Day

Once the big day arrives, we will typically open the doors at 11 a.m., unless specified otherwise in the package type. Guests and bridal party members can park in the parking lot of Lone Star Mansion since we have room for everyone. We can even provide a golf cart, driven by our staff, to transport people between the parking lot and the venue. This is ideal for any guests that may have difficulty walking or are not sure of where to go.

After the ceremony, we will have a cocktail hour spent away from the reception area to make sure everything is ready. Throughout the reception, we will be efficient in seating everyone, providing food and drinks, and ensuring that everyone has a wonderful time. We will also make sure there is plenty of time throughout the day for you and your fiancé to take as many pictures as your heart desires.

From the beginning of the day to the end of the night, we will provide the best service possible to help ensure a wonderful and beautiful evening. While this page summarizes the process, no wedding experience is exactly the same. Each wedding at Lone Star Mansion is unique to the couple getting married and the environment they wish to create. For more information on having your wedding at our location, call us at (682) 999-3696.