Events and Parties Venue

More Than Just Weddings: Events and Parties Venue

At the Lone Star Mansion, we also host events and parties outside of weddings. Possible events that we can host include:

  • Quinceaneras
  • Corporate business parties
  • Large corporate Christmas parties
  • Engagement party
  • Company retreat
  • Birthday party

Similar to when a couple rents out our property for a wedding, we only allow one event on the property per day. Thus, whatever the event may be, you will not have to worry about other groups or events getting in the way. Not only will the event have available parking for all guests, but we will offer a golf cart service to shuttle guests from the parking lot to the event venue. Along with plenty of parking for all guests, we will make sure that guests who have trouble walking can get to the venue with no issue.

We also offer flexibility with our clients. If an outdoor event is rained out or will not be fun due to stormy weather, we will be happy to help move the event to one of our indoor locations. We will even have an event planner who will help go over all of the details beforehand to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you are interested in an event, give us a call.