Fall 2020 Wedding Trends

fall 2020 wedding trends lone star mansionFall is the time of year when trends are made, and it’s finally here! From wedding color choices to specialty decor items, the fall 2020 wedding trends are here to inspire you.

Over the Top Flowers: Loud, colorful, oversized, and unexpected elements all play a role in Fall 2020 Weddings. Imagining the possibilities and pushing stylistic boundaries with over the top flowers makes us excited to see what’s in store. A big part of this trend is space obtrusive floral arrangements 

Embroidered Wedding Dresses: Nobody saw this making a statement for the season. From horizontal embroidery on the bodice of the dress to a fully embroidered verse on the veil, it’s a gorgeous detail bride’s can appreciate for years to come. 

Choose-Your-Own-Bridesmaid Dress: Another returning trend is asking the bridal party to choose their own dress within the same color family. With a variety of patterns and textures that are somewhat mix-match, it allows each lady to dress for their body and personality without clashing with the other bridesmaids.

Succulents: The continuing trend of succulents from past wedding seasons is no surprise. They’re a crowd favorite, easy to match, and quite affordable! If you’re looking for sustainable and adored wedding guest favors, this is a great option. You could also add succulents to your centerpiece for a more bohemian approach.

Flower Grandmas: Brides and grooms are choosing to ask their grandmas to walk down the aisle throwing pedals rather than young flower girls. If weddings can have dog ring-bearers, why not have grandma cherish this moment with her grandchild and grandson-in-law?

Fall Color Combinations: Fall seems to be the time of color palette exploration but the most popular fall color combinations in 2020 are:

  1. Dusty Blue and Burgundy
  2. Light Beige and Champagne
  3. Rust Orange and Dark Teal
  4. Cinnamon Rose and Dusty Rose
  5. Sage Green and Terracotta

Dried Flowers: There are so many benefits to choosing dried flowers for your fall wedding. They won’t die so you can keep them as a keepsake forever and it’s a more affordable choice.

At the Lone Star Mansion, we’re excited to see Fall 2020 Wedding Trends used at the venue. Ready to reserve your spot for 2021? Let’s get started on your plans.

Covid Inspired Wedding Favors for your Guests

covid inspired wedding favors, DFW wedding venue

The philosophy with COVID inspired wedding favors is to acknowledge the timing of your wedding and embrace a little bit of the theme through gift-giving. Some of these wedding guest favors are suitable for a COVID-inspired note, while others can be a subtle nod to the inspiration without giving away all your secrets.

Whether you want to bring notice to the inspiration, your guests will be healthier and happier with these gifts in their COVID arsenal. Plus, these gifts are worthwhile after the wedding vs. a useless throwaway wedding favor.

Artisan Soaps: This one is a no-brainer. Washing your hands with luxurious, hand-crafted soaps aligns with the new-era of COVID. You can still put a love quote on the label. Keep it light-hearted or even comedic!

Immune Boosting Tea: We recommend a turmeric spiced herbal tea that will enhance immunity and boost metabolism. Bonus points for couples who want to include a jar of honey and a note attached.

Stay-at-home Kit: A simple nod to the stay-at-home orders we all received at the start of 2020. The “Stay-at-home” Kit might include your favorite popcorn, movie, and candy, a fun activity like a card game, or maybe even a spa day themed stay-at-home kit. It’s definitely a winner if you’re hosting an intimate wedding.

Succulents for the home: With everyone spending more extensive time at home, plants boost the mood and add some life to any room. Plants are all the rage in culture today, so your guests will be raving about the new addition to their plant family.

Wedding Themed Masks: Since most of your guests won’t want to wear a mask with your name and wedding date around in their daily lives, try offering some masks with your thoughtful vows. If you want something more contextual, you could customize your wedding favor masks with your wedding-themed hashtag. It’s a little remember to tag any photos taken at your wedding and even feature the masks on their social media.

For any virtual guests, send them one of these Covid Inspired Wedding Favors beforehand along with a bottle of champagne. They’ll feel like they’re a part of the experience, from the safety of their home. Ready to start ordering your wedding favors? Connect with us and reserve your big day!

Clever Ways to Encourage Covid Safety at your Wedding

Clever Ways to Encourage Covid Safety at your Wedding, Mansion Wedding Venue

You can celebrate your wedding and still encourage guests to practice COVID Safety at your wedding. Here are some seamless and useful practices that keep health protocols in check without losing the main focus at your event.

  1. Live Stream of the Wedding: Offering an RSVP option to join the wedding party live is an alternative that’s here to stay as the “new normal”. Think about older relatives or any susceptible guests that may want another option to be a part of your wedding day.
  2. Wedding Themed Hand Sanitizers: Adding a custom label with your wedding date and names onto hand sanitizer will prompt them to sanitize their hands throughout the day.

  3. Colored “Comfort” Masks: So many weddings are incorporating the COVID “comfort” band system for guests to imply the interactions they’re comfortable with. And it’s an easy way to know whether or not you should greet someone from afar, give them a handshake, or even go in for a hug. To feed two birds with one scone, we’ve decided colored “comfort” masks that guests can identify with is a clever way to encourage COVID safety at your wedding.
  4. Call-to-action Signage: Tell your guests what you expect from them with the same kind of signs you use for your dessert table, guest book table, etc. 
  5. Spaced out Balloons: Here’s a way to encourage social distancing visually that still adds the 2020 balloon decor wedding trend.
  6. DJ’s over Live Bands:. Live bands require 6-feet spacing which you may not have room for, and DJ’s can wear a face maskunlike a singer. It also saves money and guests can request more of their favorite songs. Overall, the less attendees, the better it is for your wedding’s COVID safety.

  7. Smaller Tables: Allow your guests to choose their table since they most likely have “herd-immunity” with a few other wedding guests. Spaced out, smaller tables of about four people keeps social distancing more intact.

  8. Designated Waitstaff for Guests: Each table should have their own waitstaff to avoid contact with too many guests.

The wedding industry is ever-evolvingand now even more so with COVID safety precautions. Everyone has been challenged to put on their thinking caps to generate clever ways to support your wedding safety. As we share how to make your wedding experience safe and memorable, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Black Tie Wedding Venue DFW

September 9, 2020

Black Tie Wedding Venue DFW

black tie wedding venue dfw, Lone Star Mansion Venue

Interested in a Black Tie Wedding Venue DFW where you can dress to the nines and radiate in the traditional beauty of our venue? We’re all about sharing how to have an unforgettable time here at the Lone Star Mansion. By giving you some of our favorite Black Tie Wedding Venue Favorites, we hope you gather some of your own inspiration.

Gold Accent Decor: Gold looks fantastic next to black. It also completely changes the ambiance of your wedding to feel luxurious and calming. An accented gold centerpiece with some shimmer is just the trick to create an elegant table. Chair sashes, wedding cake icing, place card holders, candlestick holders, and even floral arrangements are all great options to add a gold accent to your black-tie wedding.

Black Bridesmaids Dresses: Slimming, daring, and extremely classy to include in your Bridal Party. Black Tie Wedding Attire isn’t just for the Groom’s side. Another perk is that it makes the bride shine even more in her white wedding dress! The trend is the right fit for your DFW Wedding.

Champagne Towers: Firstly, champagne towers are a blast to participate with. They’re also a gorgeous piece of decor that is a traditional element of Black Tie Weddings. We absolutely needed to include this in our list of favorites.

Floating Candles in the Pool: Our Black Tie Wedding Venue offers an outdoor pool, and the romantic lighting in the evenings is lovely.

Get Ready in Black Tie Attire: Lone Star Mansion also has a Groom’s Suite where the groom and groomsmen can shoot pool in their black-tie attire and capture those fun moments behind the scenes. As for the Bridal Party, getting ready in black and white tux themed p.j.’s is suitable get-ready wear with the ladies.

Group Fountain Photos: Photographers and couples always want to capture their family and friends with the backdrop of our mansion, brick entry walkway, and ornate fountainthe ultimate way to celebrate in our Black Tie Wedding Venue!

Have your day coming up? Let’s talk about reserving your wedding at Lone Star Mansion!