DFW Mansion Venue

DFW Mansion Venue

Velvet is in for this fall. Velvet is a good addition to any wedding because it adds a fun texture and typically has beautiful, rich colors that you can really take advantage of. This fabric is great when used sparsely or all over the place. We wanted to share some of our favorite ways that we’ve seen velvet used at our DFW mansion venue.

  • A big way to use velvet in your decor is by using velvet table cloths or tying velvet ribbon to the backs of chairs. This will give your entire reception a homey, elegant feel that is hard to accomplish otherwise! Guests will be thoroughly impressed that you went above and beyond in this small aspect.
  • You can also use velvet in the wedding attire. You can go all out and have velvet bridesmaids dresses in deep emeralds or rust colors. Your groomsmen’s look can complement these dresses by having them wear velvet ties or bowties. This will add a subtle matching component that will keep everything in the same theme. You could even switch this up! Have your groomsmen wear velvet tuxes and your bridesmaids wear a velvet ribbon as a waist belt around their dresses.
  • Speaking of velvet ribbons, you can use these in your bridesmaid’s or flower girl’s hair, tying up a simple half up, half down look. You could tie velvet ribbons around the stems of all of your bouquets to create a unified, textured look. You could even have a velvet ribbon around your own waist, accompanying your wedding dress!

There are so many ways to add in subtle and less subtle pops of velvet into your wedding day. We can’t wait to see how you use this fabric to amp up your wedding decor at our DFW mansion venue. We don’t see this textured trend going out anytime soon, either!

dfw mansion venue

DFW Mansion Venue

Have you begun the search for the cake for your DFW mansion venue? There are so many reasons to go with a non-traditional wedding cake. Some of these include wanting to be different, needing to cut your budget somewhere, and even just not liking cake. Wedding cakes might be a tradition at this point, but sometimes it is fun to go against tradition. So many couples have been opting out of a traditional wedding cake for so many other options. This not only makes this feature more customized, but it might even make it cheaper! There are so many different types of desserts that you can do instead. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Donuts. Who doesn’t love a good donut? Donuts have become an event staple in recent years, and who’s to say that they can’t also be a wedding staple? You can arrange them so that they resemble a cake or do something more unique, like a donut wall.
  2. Maybe you just don’t like typical cakes. Everyone knows that cupcakes are better than cake anyways, so go with a cupcake tower! There are plenty of pretty cake stands that you can stack to create this. Cupcakes are the bite sized version of a whole cake, and you can much easier have multiple flavors. With this option, you can even choose to do full-sized cupcakes or mini cupcakes. For another, more unique option, go with bundt cakes – mini or full size!
  3. Lastly, a homey trend that we have been seeing are pies. With this, you can have multiple flavors and display them in any way that you would like to. You could get different types, sizes, and styles of cake stands on a table and have them layered like that. You could even do something like pie pops or fried pies for guests to carry around and eat while they dance the night away.

DFW Wedding Venue

DFW Wedding Venue

It’s officially summertime. For some that means going to the pool and getting a tan and for others that means going to your DFW wedding venue to get hitched! We are so excited about all of the weddings that we will see this summer at Lone Star Mansion, and are here to tell you about some fun ways to make your summer wedding really feel like summertime.

  1. Take advantage of the season and use bright colors! Every other season of the year favors darer or paler colors, but summer calls for vibrant pinks, yellows, and greens. Decorate your ceremony and reception in florals and other decorations that utilize this.
  2. For example, use bright florals that you wouldn’t use any other time of the years, like sunflowers and palm leaves! The colors on these two are bright and fun, a perfect pairing for the summer.
  3. Apart from flowers, have fun with the small decorations. Use fruit, like pineapples and citrus fruits, throughout your decor. It is a fun twist that you can really only do at this time of year. If you are not about fruit, spice up your ice coolers. Rather than having a bucket of ice, make a bucket made of ice! You can even freeze flowers in the ice to continue your color theme.
  4. For your bigger decorations, invest in a balloon arch or balloon wall! These have become incredibly popular and are a fun touch to any reception. Make sure to also use all of the string lights, especially if your wedding is outdoors! It creates a fun, light ambiance no matter what time of day it is. Lastly, do something unique with the chairs; rather than using tulle on them, use macrame. This will feel airy and add a nice boho touch to your DFW wedding venue.

fort worth wedding venue

Fort Worth Wedding Venue

There are so many unique ways to add floral to your Fort Worth wedding venue, and we wanted to showcase a few of our favorites.

  1. One trend that we have been seeing more again recently is feathers! There are multiple ways that this trend cane done. You can add feathers to your bouquet for an extra texture and color pop. Secondly, you could even have a full feather bouquet if you want something that will really stand out and make your wedding’s aesthetic unique.
  2. Another trend we love is using unique fillers. Rather than your typical greenery behind the flowers, doing something different like using wheat type plants, air plants, and even cotton can make your bouquet stand out. This is also a way to change what colors are presented in your bouquet. If you do not want green to be in your hand, using cotton as a filler would be an interesting way to avoid green.
  3. Paper bouquets are coming back as a fun and personal alternative to the regular bouquet. With this style, you can make the flowers incredibly real looking, or opt for less real. You can use pages of your favorite book, or your written out vows to create this look to make it even more personal. One perk to this trend is that you will always be able to keep this rather than it dying after a week.
  4. You can add fruits or vegetables for a fun texture change. This might sound out there, but pomegranates would add a beautiful new texture and color to a bouquet of pinks and reds.
  5. Lastly, does the cost of a bouquet stress you out? There is a new trend of rental bouquets! This allows you to rent, usually silk flowers, a full bouquet for a fraction of the price that you would buy one from a florist for.