Intimate Wedding in a MansionHow to Create an Intimate Wedding in a Mansion

Large weddings can be intimate, even in a mansion. They give you space to comfortably fit your guest list, but with a few added details, they can feel just as intimate as a smaller wedding. No matter the guest list size, create a personal wedding (even in a beautiful mansion) with these intimate wedding tips. 

Soft Lighting

Lighting can make a room feel romantic and intimate instantly. Dim the lights to create an intimate setting and add supplemental lighting throughout your ceremony and reception space. This can add a soft glow, which will help create that soft and romantic mood you are looking for. Be sure to skip the mirrors as decor; lights will bounce off the mirror and make the room feel larger. 

Cozy Cocktail Hour

Skip the traditional cocktail tables for your cocktail hour and swap them out for cozy lounge seating. With extensive guest lists, it can be challenging for guests to have a chance to see family and friends, but this type of seating will encourage your guests to interact with each other to create an intimate feel to your cocktail hour.  Add in cozy additions like throw pillows to help your guests sit back and relax during the cocktail hour. The relaxed feeling will help guests feel more comfortable interacting with each other. 

Handwritten Notes

Large weddings can be challenging for it to feel like an intimate wedding, but small details like handwritten notes will help show your guest list just how much they mean to you. Attach a quick note to each guest’s escort card with a sweet, sentimental message. While it may be time-consuming if you have an extensive list, this small detail will make your family and friends will feel the love as soon as they sit down! 

Meaningful Additions 

Add personal touches to your ceremony, like including guests or writing your vows. These small and simple moments will be unique and make the guests feel included in your big day. Creating memorable moments like this will make it more meaningful for you and your partner and help make the ceremony feel more intimate, no matter the size of the space. 

Photo Booth Fun 

Give your photo booth it’s very own corner of the reception. It will help take up space in your venue and create an intimate feel in your photo booth area so your guests can let loose and have fun. Try adding a flower installation as a fun backdrop. Not only will it give your photo booth a fun personal touch, but it helps bring in similar florals as your bridal bouquet throughout the rest of your wedding space. 

Textured Table Linens

Different textures can help warm up your wedding space and make it feel like an intimate wedding in no time. Try using textured linens on tables, like velvet table runners, to create a cozy and inviting feel. 

When considering linens, keep in mind that white and bright table linens will make your space feel more open and roomy. Skip the light colors and opt for dark, rich colors. It will help make space feel smaller. 

Personalize Your Playlist 

With a large guest, you are bound to have so many important family members and friends there. It can be hard to spend one on one time with each person. Honor your family and friends by adding personal songs to your playlist, like your parents’ (or grandparents’) wedding song. Your guests will feel so honored for the thoughtful detail, and you’ll have a playlist that you’ll never forget. 

Simple Greenery

Use greenery to fill up your ceremony or reception space. It not only adds beautiful decor but will help create a cozy environment. Add foliage and branches into your centerpieces or add trees and plants throughout to take up floor space. The added greenery will make for beautiful photographs and help create a warm and intimate wedding. 

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2021 Pantone Colors Inspired Wedding Trends

It’s that time again to talk about the Pantone colors of the year. Cue the applause! For 2021, not one but two colors were chosen, ultimate gray and illuminating yellow. You can expect to see these two beautiful colors everywhere, from bridesmaid dresses to floral arrangements. 

About The Colors

Yellow doesn’t take much to make an impact while gray helps add a neutral tone to the mix. 

According to Pantone, they were chosen to represent fortitude and positivity and we can’t wait to see these colors pop up everywhere.


Yellow sunflowers, roses, and peonies will be popping up in bouquets and arrangements, no matter the season. The bright color adds a cheerful, garden-like vibe to the big day. Don’t be surprised to see a touch of gray ribbon tied around bridesmaid bouquets to match their dress. 

While yellow bouquets may be too much a statement for some, they can still incorporate the beautiful color into their wedding day florals. Add a few statement flowers into a neutral colored bouquet or opt for the flower girls to throw yellow petals before walking down the aisle. 

Wedding Party Attire

The Pantone colors will be making a statement in the wedding party this year by taking over their attire. Expect to see the guys in gray with a pop of illuminating yellow in the details, whether that be a tie or pocket square, and the bridesmaids in beautiful yellow dresses. 

Wedding Stationery

Expect to see bloomed filled stationery designed with yellow flowers and gray details. It’s an easy way to incorporate this unexpected color palette and give wedding goers a small look into wedding day details. 

The Desserts

Whether it’s bold yellow flowers made from frosting or a touch of yellow sprinkles, don’t be surprised to see the Pantone colors making a debut on the dessert table. It’s a fun way to incorporate wedding colors and the guests get to enjoy it too! 

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Floral Trends We Are Loving for 2021

From simple centerpieces to cascading bouquets, florals are a big part of your wedding day. They are an easy way to add color, texture, and a breath of life to your decor. Keep reading for the must-see floral trends we are loving for 2021. 

Monochromatic Florals

We expect to see more monochromatic arrangements in 2021. Popular colors to use are white, green, and pink. While the colors are the same, using different types of flowers can make a big statement and creates a sophisticated texture look. For table centerpieces, try using flowers of various heights to create more interest. 

Potted Plants 

Sustainable options are going to make an appearance and 2021 and we are here for it. Expect to see more potted plant options for centerpieces and floral decor throughout the reception. Use the pot to showcase your wedding colors by option for painted or custom planters. 

Spray Painted Florals 

Floral designs have been using spray paint to turn ordinary blooms into vibrant arrangements. Baby’s breath is a popular option due to its affordability and shape but can expect succulents, ferns, and palm leaves to be making an appearance. Whether you are going metallic for a glam look, pastel colors for a bohemian look, spray painting flowers is a unique way to customize your florals to fit your wedding – no matter the theme! 

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers aren’t just for vintage-inspired weddings. You can expect to see them this upcoming year mixed in with fresh flowers to dress up their bouquets or centerpiece arrangements. It adds a different texture to the florals and makes for a great keepsake for years to come. 

Floral Circle Arches 

Photo friendly florals are making a statement in 2021. Expect to see Instagram-worthy circle arches full of florals in the couple’s wedding colors as photo booth backdrops. It’s an eye-catching statement and will look beautiful in both professional and photo booth photos. 

Bold Blooms

Expect to see bold and bright flowers, no matter the season. Couples are looking to make a statement with their flowers and aren’t afraid of vibrant colors throughout their big day. 


Black Tie Wedding Venue DFW

September 9, 2020

Black Tie Wedding Venue DFW

black tie wedding venue dfw, Lone Star Mansion Venue

Interested in a Black Tie Wedding Venue DFW where you can dress to the nines and radiate in the traditional beauty of our venue? We’re all about sharing how to have an unforgettable time here at the Lone Star Mansion. By giving you some of our favorite Black Tie Wedding Venue Favorites, we hope you gather some of your own inspiration.

Gold Accent Decor: Gold looks fantastic next to black. It also completely changes the ambiance of your wedding to feel luxurious and calming. An accented gold centerpiece with some shimmer is just the trick to create an elegant table. Chair sashes, wedding cake icing, place card holders, candlestick holders, and even floral arrangements are all great options to add a gold accent to your black-tie wedding.

Black Bridesmaids Dresses: Slimming, daring, and extremely classy to include in your Bridal Party. Black Tie Wedding Attire isn’t just for the Groom’s side. Another perk is that it makes the bride shine even more in her white wedding dress! The trend is the right fit for your DFW Wedding.

Champagne Towers: Firstly, champagne towers are a blast to participate with. They’re also a gorgeous piece of decor that is a traditional element of Black Tie Weddings. We absolutely needed to include this in our list of favorites.

Floating Candles in the Pool: Our Black Tie Wedding Venue offers an outdoor pool, and the romantic lighting in the evenings is lovely.

Get Ready in Black Tie Attire: Lone Star Mansion also has a Groom’s Suite where the groom and groomsmen can shoot pool in their black-tie attire and capture those fun moments behind the scenes. As for the Bridal Party, getting ready in black and white tux themed p.j.’s is suitable get-ready wear with the ladies.

Group Fountain Photos: Photographers and couples always want to capture their family and friends with the backdrop of our mansion, brick entry walkway, and ornate fountainthe ultimate way to celebrate in our Black Tie Wedding Venue!

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