Microweddings and Minimonies

Microweddings and Minimonies

Your dream wedding doesn’t have to be postponed in the wake of COVID-19; in fact, many couples are choosing to have microweddings and minimonies. These fresh trends offer socially distanced and intimate settings to get hitched now.

As venues reopen with partial occupancy, intimate gatherings are not only possible—they’re preferable. They’re scaled for social distancing yet feel roomy, and they can be very budget-friendly, and not having to wait longer to get married, well, that’s the icing on the wedding cake.

We’re all emerging from the pandemic with gratitude for the little things in life. Why not a microwedding or a minimony at Lone Star Mansion? Here’s how to tell which one may be right for you…

A microwedding is a wedding celebration with fewer than 50 guests in attendance and includes both a ceremony and a reception. Your celebration can be as simple or grand as you’d like. For those who feel the financial impact from coronavirus, a microwedding is a savvy way to scale back with a more affordable option. With fewer guests in attendance, the happy couple is able to focus on the details and enjoy the intimacy of their special day.

A minimony is considerably smaller in size with about ten guests in attendance to celebrate the commitment between you and your partner. It provides a snapshot of events to mark your special day. Many couples are choosing to have a minimony on their original wedding date, to be followed by a sequel wedding in the near future. This is a great option for those who want to celebrate their love now and still have their dream wedding and reception down the road.

The gift of microweddings and minimonies is that you’re able to let your hair down. Both of these tend to feel more relaxed and intimate, taking pressure off everyone—especially you.

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Getting Married During the Pandemic

Getting Married During the PandemicThe world is slowly reopening, and we’re sure you have lots of questions/angst/ugh about how the pandemic will impact your upcoming wedding. Things have changed in the world around us. But your special day is yours to treasure forever—and we want it to be as exceptional as you imagined. And it can be! Here’s how:

No. 1  Make it a Micro

A lot of our wedding couples are choosing microweddings with fewer than 50 guests in attendance. Microweddings are a perfect way to enjoy your special day with those closest to you. They are financially beneficial for many couples and may offer splurges otherwise unattainable. We love microweddings because they are intimate affairs that allow guests to be an important part of your special day.

No. 2  Curb Coronavirus

Your guests’ health is our highest priority. Allow us to help you find creative ways to incorporate things like hand sanitizer, wedding masks and personalized gloves. We have options for sani-stations and personalized health gifts. Your wedding planner will have vendors to recommend for masks that are fashion-forward, personalized, or customized to compliment your wedding aesthetic. Get creative as you crack down on coronavirus. We’ll take care of social distancing and ensure you are apprised of every, single measure in place to keep you and your guests happy and healthy.

No. 3  Toss Traditions

Before you toss your bouquet, toss the traditions. Wink and wave your guests down the line, in lieu of a reception line. Opt for a minimony followed by a sequel wedding and celebrate twice as much! Stay safe with satellite stations and virtual celebrations. Plan a weekday wedding. Now is the time to unapologetically toss traditions and let your imagination run wild.

As you pare down the guest list and amp up the splurges, your wedding will become even dreamier than you imagined. What’s more, you and your guests will stay safe with a memorable day that creates a dreamy happily, healthfully ever after.

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Planning Your Wedding During A Global Pandemic

Planning a wedding is stressful enough—without adding a global pandemic to the mix. We understand the difficulty you may be facing with social restrictions and are here to help. Whether you’re newly engaged or postponing your wedding, check out our simple solutions to plan your dream day from a distance.


Talk to your partner first. There’s nothing more important right now than taking the time to communicate the details and decisions that are critical to your wedding plans during coronavirus. It’s important to share your hopes and start prioritizing the most important elements.


As you determine whether to scale back, move forward or postpone, you’ll need to prioritize what you value most to guide you. Is there a special date you want to honor? Does your venue matter most (yes, yes, it does!)? Are you willing to scale your guest list? Let your priorities lead your decision-making; then, make calls, check contracts and proceed accordingly.


There are many ways to virtually tour wedding venues, hire a planner, or interview caterers. As you gather wedding inspiration and begin to move forward, don’t be daunted by social distancing. Many dress boutiques offer private fittings, pastry chefs will deliver samples, and there are a million-and-one ways to find a band online. If you’re knee-deep in plans and have contracts in place, simply reach out to your vendors to inquire about their policies and procedures. Let social distancing help you stay relaxed as you plan your wedding from your sofa with a glass of rosé in-hand.


Most importantly, keep the right perspective at heart. It’s important to focus on your upcoming nuptials rather than “what would have been.” Allow yourself a brief pity party, but then pop the prosecco! You’re getting marrrrrried! This is the most special season of your life. Look at that gorgeous rock on your hand. You found a lifetime love! ‘Rona who? This is your wedding day, and it will be utterly remarkable.

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Trending Colors of 2020

January 9, 2020

Favorite Texas Mansion Venue

Favorite Texas Mansion Venue

It’s 2020 which means all sorts of new wedding trends that you will be seeing popping up. As your favorite Texas Mansion Venue, we wanted to share one of our favorite yearly wedding trends: the year’s trending colors! Each year brings new ideas for colors to use for wedding decor and accents. We are very excited about 2020’s trends!

  • First on the list of colors you’ll be seeing this year is cinnamon rose palettes. The name of these color combos alone sounds beautiful. This will include dusty reds and dark blushes. This combo would look perfect in our white venue!
  • Next up is a mix of terra-cotta & sage colors. With these, you can do a fully saturated terra-cotta and a lighter sage color. You could also switch it and do the opposite. By toning down one color, this will make sure that both colors are not swallowing your entire wedding day.
  • Shades of grey are very in this year. The monochromatic look has been very in for the past few years, but we have not seen many venturing into monochromatic grey. This look is incredibly elegant and will be the perfect color palette to complement your off-white dress.
  • Yellows will still be in next year, as well! Whether you go with a mustard yellow, a try yellow, or a pale yellow, you really can’t go wrong. Yellows are perfect for the warmer seasons in Texas! Think any wedding between March and October, and this is when a yellow based palette would be perfect.
  • Lastly, dusty blue as the main color in your palette is back! If you’re wanting a moodier color scheme, this is the perfect base for that. On the other hand, paired with a pale yellow, dusty blue would be a great summer color, as well.