Burleson Wedding Venue

Burleson Wedding Venue

Are you looking for people to do small job throughout your wedding or wanting your invitations to be extra special for you? Enlist your family to help at your wedding at your Burlseon wedding venue. Doing so is a  is a great way to make little things go smoothly.

  • Do you have creative friends or family? Depending on what they are skilled in, ask them to help design your invitations. You could also ask for help choosing decor, or even something like making your cake! Not only would you probably get some type of discount with these choices, but it would make the day even more special knowing who had hands in it.
  • If you don’t want to do things like stuffing envelopes for hours on end, invite family over and make a party out of it! Have a bottle of wine and a charcuterie board ready for when everyone gets there, then get ready to stuff some envelopes. It will end up being a lot of fun and a memory that you, and them, will always cherish.
  • Enlist your family that is not directly involved in the day of your wedding by having them be ushers and greeters to the rest of your guests. This will make the day go smoothy, as well as, making them feel involved. As menial as a task as it seems to you, they will be proud to be the face that gets to greet everyone and show their love for you.

When asking family to be involved, just make sure that they want to help! Some people want to just celebrate with you while others want to be incredibly involved. Be sure that family that is helping on your big day truly wants to and did not feel guilted into it.

Elegant Dallas Wedding Venue

Elegant Dallas Wedding Venue

Is your wedding coming up at our elegant Dallas wedding venue? Are you looking to cut costs in areas, but don’t even know where else you can anymore? When you are trying to plan a wedding on a budget, it is nice to be able to cut costs wherever you can. It may seem impossible to cut alcohol costs, especially when you have an open bar, but it is completely possible to do.

  • The first way that you can cut costs on alcohol is by doing the 1/2 full champagne flute trick. Typically when doing a champagne toast flutes get filled 3/4 of the way full. If you ask for the flutes to only be filled 1/2 full instead, that is a whole glass saved every 4 glasses. This means that every 20 guests, you have saved a bottle of champagne from being used!
  • Another option is to only serve beer and wine with a signature cocktail or two. This will cut liquor costs to only be whatever liquor is used in these specialty drinks rather than an entire bar’s options worth.
  • If you do want an entire open bar, opt to not use top shelf liquor. This will cut your costs down enormously. This does not even mean that you have to get the cheapest option to save money. It just means that you don’t have to go for the most expensive.
  • Lastly, shorten your open bar hours. Just because you have an open bar, it does not need to stay open the entire time. Closing your open bar an hour before your reception is set to end will cut down an hour of costs. It will also give you some safety of mind knowing that your guests will have no option but at least an hour to sober up before the reception is over.

One of our favorite weddings that we have been a part of was a Kate Spade themed wedding. When you think Kate Spade, you think classy, girly, but still fun and sassy. This is why this themed wedding fit perfectly in our Fort Worth mansion venue. It came with all of the bells and whistles that were Kate Spade, and we were here for it. We love to be a part of such thought through and special weddings. 

Having such a specific and fun theme always makes a wedding stand out and shine in a unique way. Not only do themes like this make the wedding more unique, but it also makes the wedding even more personal, and not your typical wedding decor. For this specific wedding, our whole staff even got dressed in formal dresses! We went all out to match this fanciful theme.

The Kate Spade inspiration was seen in everything from the decor to the color choices to the bridesmaid dresses. It made the whole event be tied together by one theme that the bride really loved, making it extra special. Everything was fun, girly, classy, and tailored to that exact bride’s style tastes! The guests, friends and family alike, had fun with the inspiration, as well; some even dressed to fit the theme. The reception looked like a beautifully crafted Kate Spade store had been transformed in order to throw a party of a reception in it. 

It is a wedding that we at Lone Star Mansion will always remember and cherish. Don’t ever be afraid to have such a specific theme for your wedding because in the end, it is your wedding and you deserve for it to be exactly what you want it to be. The information for all of the vendors is below. 

Floral: Belle Events @belledecordallas

Photo: Lightly Photography @lightlyphoto

DJ: Forerunner @forerunnerdfw

Photobooth: Traveling Photobooth @travelingpb_dfw  

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Balancing Old and New
It can be a difficult choice of whether you want a modern or more traditional wedding. Why not choose both? Get creative and balance traditional and modern elements for your wedding at our Fort Worth Wedding Venue, The Lonestar Mansion.

There are so many ways to do this – big and small, one small way is to incorporate a blue stone ring (instead of the traditional diamond) for the traditional phrase “wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. You don’t need a large diamond stone as the focal point of your ring. Even royals have decided on blue sapphires and other colored stones for the wedding ring.

For something new, you could opt for lucite clear wedding shoes, a popular trend in weddings today. The lucite look can even extend beyond your shoes and into the decor, with tables, chairs and more. A ghost ceremony arch made of lucite acrylic is gorgeous and appears that flowers are floating in mid air from far away. Lucite furniture is easy to move and looks beautiful in any wedding. Mixing old and new is a balance that can create the wedding of your dreams.

Our traditional historic venue is an amazing way to showcase your love for a classic, timeless wedding – with modern accents that make it feel personal and all your own. Couples today have no rules, you can cherry pick on what they want when deciding from traditional and modern elements in their wedding. At our Fort Worth Wedding Venue, The Lonestar Mansion, you can create an experience all that is all your own with ease. We look forward to hosting your wedding at our beautiful venue.