DFW wedding venue

DFW Mansion Venue

You’ve booked your favorite DFW mansion venue, The Lone Star Mansion, for your big day and now it is time for the next steps! One of the very next steps is choosing and asking who will be standing next to you on the day of your wedding. We have a few tips on how to ask your best friends to be in your wedding, standing next to you.

  • Before you ask your best friends to be your bridesmaids, remember that saying yes to being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility – time-wise and financially. Keeping this in mind will prepare you to better ask your friends to be a part of your big day. You can do this with all of your friends at once or one at a time!
  • To ask someone simply, take them out to dinner or coffee and foot the bill! Asking your friend to be a bridesmaid will come naturally in this setting and you will be able to be excited together for the rest of the meal or coffee date!
  • Another way to ask your friend to be a bridesmaid is by giving them a box of goodies! Add a face mask, a journal, tea, a bottle of wine, and a card. This list can be anything you’d like it to be; these are just suggestions. For an extra fun step, create your own label for something in the box, like the wine, that asks the question every girl wants to hear, “will you be my bridesmaid?”
  • You can also ask your bridesmaids by simpler gifts! Think about getting mugs that say bridesmaid on them or a bouquet of flowers with a little note attached. This little gesture will mean so much to everyone who you ask to be a part of your wedding day!

Burleson Luxury Venue

Burleson Luxury Venue

If you are set on planning your own wedding and not hiring a wedding planner from the get-go, we have a few tips and tricks to help you with your planning! Wedding planning can be stressful, but you can do it and have the best wedding. Take a look at these tips from your favorite Burleson luxury venue!

  • First up, make sure that you are ready to be organized. Invest in a wedding planning binder, and begin making lists for each month of wedding planning and what you want to have accomplished within those months.
  • Stick to your lists! Make your monthly lists not only your lists but your goals! Stick to these so that everything progresses how you want it to and you don’t get overwhelmed. You will appreciate your diligence in the long run even if you don’t appreciate it at the moment!
  • Do research on timelines of when to find, interview, and hire potential vendors so that you are not doing it too early, and definitely not too late. Knowing the timelines of when to find each vendor will help you to hire the exact vendors you want! Remember, at The Lone Star Mansion, you don’t have to find a caterer because we have our in-house catering for you.
  • Last but not least, be ready to have one of our day-of coordinators jump in and help you! You don’t want to be worrying about logistics on the day of your wedding which is why we include day-of coordinators in our wedding packages.

Contact us to book our venue! Many people book their venues the moment they get engaged, and sometimes even sooner so that they get the exact venue they want! We would love to talk to you about having your wedding at our Mansion!

Ceremony Backdrop Inspiration

February 23, 2020

Burleson Mansion Wedding

Burleson Mansion Wedding

Are you trying to figure out what your ceremony backdrop should be on your wedding day? There’s so much inspiration out there, but we’ve compiled our favorites that we’ve seen at our Burleson Mansion Venue! We truly think that each of these would look phenomenal in our venue depending on which part of our venue you choose to have your ceremony at.

  • Florals and greenery are a popular backdrop right now. There’s just so much that you can do with them! Make them minimal or maximal, whichever is your preference, all florals, no florals, the options are truly endless. With this organic option, you can do tendrils directly on walls arches, or even just around the ground!
  • Another option is using butcher paper as your backdrop. This can be whatever color you want, whether a dusty pink or a simple and elegant grey, butcher paper can be the perfect minimalist backdrop. You can also have words or a phrase written onto it for an extra special message. The best part about this backdrop is that you can take it home and use it as decor afterward!
  • Are you a little bit extra? Using tinsel as your backdrop might be the perfect option for you. It adds some sparkle and shimmer behind you that will be perfect in your pictures. You can easily find different colors of tinsel on Etsy!
  • Lastly, we love the trend of using geometric shaped wood as backdrops. We love seeing all of the shapes that people choose whether it be a triangle, a hexagon, or any shape! Adding some greenery or florals to this will only add to how beautiful this backdrop is!

Contact us today to book your date at our Burleson Mansion Venue! We would love to have you and your beautiful wedding day at our Mansion!

Our Menu

February 20, 2020

DFW Luxury Wedding Venue

DFW Luxury Wedding Venue

We have a phenomenal exclusive onsite chef, so we do all catering in-house. We love being able to provide this additional service for our guests, brides, and grooms as it saves you an extra step in your planning process. Go ahead and cross caterer off your “Vendor to Find” list because we’ve got you. Here’s just a couple options we have in each category for you!

We offer table displays within our catering that include charcuterie boards to hummus and pita chips. This option is great during a cocktail hour or at a grazing wedding.

Not only do we have table displays, but also passed plates. Our passed plates include favorites like classic brushetta, bacon-wrapped shrimp, chipotle chicken skewers, and lump crab cakes! There are around 10 options to choose from or you can request something else! These passed plates are priced per piece.

We have many dinner options, as well. These begin pricing at $34.95 and include great options! We have a Tex-Mex menu, a brunch menu, seafood dinners, and more! We love all of our dinner options; keep in mind, they are multi-course, as well.

Lastly, we have the option of late night snacks. These are great during the reception so that people can snack while dancing! Our late-night snacks include mini grilled cheese sandwiches, churros, french fries (everyone’s favorite!), and more! These are customizable, as well.

We also offer vegetarian options if you or a loved one does not eat meat, take a look at our menu page for more information. On the other hand, if you want something specific or do not see an item on here, just let us know! We want your big day to be perfect and being able to serve your customized dish is something we would love to do for you!