A Word From our Wedding Venue about Black Lives Matter

To all our black friends, partners, tradespeople, clients, and citizens of the world, we stand with you.


We are deeply grieved and outraged by racial injustice. Like you, we are listening, learning and leaning into uncomfortable conversations. We are committed to the ongoing work essential to supporting the black community to ensure racial justice for all people.

In pursuit of education, empathy and equality, we have found the following resource list to be extraordinarily helpful. Learning is hard—unlearning, even harder. But we are determined to make a difference.

With great love and respect for you all,

Lone Star Mansion




Black Lives Matter

Black Visions Collective

Campaign Zero

Color of Change

Justice and Equality Fund


Showing Up for Racial Injustice




Dear White People Netflix

Dear White People on IGTV Series Hosted by Emmanuel Acho

The Daily Show YouTube Featuring Trevor Noah

When They See Us













75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice

Madame Noire

The Grio

The Root



Register to Vote

Rock the Vote



Justice for George Floyd

This is Ahumaud Arbery

This is Breonna Taylor



A People’s History of the United States, by Howard Zinn

An Antiracist Reading List

Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Caught, by Marie Gottschalk

Just Mercy, by Bryab Stevenson

The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander

White Frajility, by Robin Diangelo

Why You Need to Quit Saying All Lives Matter


Official Black Wallstreet

The Black Wallet

We Buy Black

Let’s stand together to ensure a bright future where justice shines among everyone equally.

DFW Microweddings

May 28, 2020

Sip, Savor, and Splurge

DFW Microweddings

DFW Microweddings

The coronavirus has hampered many couples’ wedding plans. We understand how difficult things might be for you. Your dream wedding feels clipped, curbed, and cut short. It’s hard to return to the wedding bliss you felt pre-pandemic.

So how can you bubble with excitement like your favorite prosecco? We suggest you sip, savor and splurge this summer.


Treat guests to a special sip to add a personal touch to your wedding. Add a table number to a glass of champagne for your guests to find their seats; or, have your servers greet guests with a little bubbly and a personalized bottle of hand sanitizer on a silver tray. These special sips offer opportunities for your servers to inform guests about social distancing, special seating, or your desire to keep guests safe with a personalized wedding gesture in lieu of handshakes.


With stringent health restrictions in place, many venues will feature plated meals in lieu of buffets. We love how special a three-course dinner can make guests feel. We offer spread out seating for your guests to enjoy a roomy dining experience with effortless conversation. Your guests will feel more relaxed with a plated dinner, and they’re sure to savor the exceptional menu you’ve selected for them.


Your summer wedding means you’ve scaled your guest list to fewer than 50. DFW Microweddings are a hot wedding trend for couples who are moving forward with their weddings amid the pandemic. The obvious benefit of paring down your guest list is the savings! We also love how intimate and personal microweddings are. Couples are now fine-tuning special details and personalized experiences for their wedding guests. We suggest a splurge! Pore over your Pinterest boards and revisit those early ideas that simply weren’t affordable with a big wedding. Consider top-shelf libations or swapping your DJ for a local band. Splurge on added details that will make your special day unforgettable.

Lean into the benefits of a smaller wedding, and you’ll be bubbling with excitement all over again. To learn more about Lone Star Mansion weddings amid the pandemic, contact us.

Mansion Wedding Venue

Fort Worth Wedding

Your spring Fort Worth wedding is coming up and you need some last-minute inspiration! The Lone Star Mansion has got you covered with all of the last-minute spring 2020 wedding advice. Take a look below to see some of the 2020 inspiration that we love!

Are you considering having a brunch the morning after your wedding as a thank you for your close friends and family, but you’re on the fence? Think about having an after-party instead! After parties have become incredibly popular in the past year and are just an extension of the party and celebration. This is one last invitation-only hurrah with those closest to you! One of the biggest perks of it? No one has to try to wake up early to get ready and make it t brunch the next morning!

Still trying to come up with your ceremony backdrop, but just don’t know where to start? Consider hanging wallpaper or butcher paper behind you. This is a great way to color block and add in some pattern behind you! It is a really great, low-effort option when you are getting close to your wedding day and are still unsure about what to do, as well!

Lastly, create an experience for your guests during your reception last minute by hiring a caricature artist or someone similar! This will be a fun and unique addition to your wedding reception and will give your guests something to walk away from your wedding with. They will definitely be talking about this feature for years to come, and some might even copy this idea in their own weddings.

Looking to book your spring 2021 wedding? Contact us to talk about our availability for your big day! We would love to talk with you about your upcoming spring wedding at The Lone Star Mansion.

Wedding Plan Like A Pro

April 20, 2020

DFW Mansion Wedding

DFW Mansion Wedding

You’ve just booked your DFW mansion wedding venue and the planning phase of your engagement has officially begun! The Lone Star Mansion has all of the tips and tricks for you to plan your wedding like a pro! Keep reading to learn more about the ins and outs of planning your wedding.

Be sure to plan your budget first. Your budget will be the indicator for everything that goes into your wedding, like guest count, type of catering, and who you can use as your photographer. Making sure that this is planned out from the beginning will help you to plan everything else down the road.

Let one vendor lead you to another! This is a great way to find the perfect vendor for you. If you’re having a tough time picking a florist, ask your photographer or venue or videographer who they have loved working with before. They will be happy to tell you a list of recommendations.

When you’re trying to trim your wedding budget, remember that the easiest way to lower the amount that you are spending is by cutting your guest list. This saves you money on drinks, food, cake, and potentially even a larger venue space! If you’re spending $100 per head and you cut only 10 people, that is a whole $1000 freed up.

Lastly, put together a wedding planning schedule and stick to it. Create a logical and easy to follow step by step plan for the months leading up to your wedding day. If you have not invested in a physical planner yet, now is the time to!

The Lone Star Mansion is so excited to see you and your fully planned out and finished wedding here at our DFW Mansion! Contact us today to learn more about setting up a tour and your wedding date.