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February 20, 2020

DFW Luxury Wedding Venue

DFW Luxury Wedding Venue

We have a phenomenal exclusive onsite chef, so we do all catering in-house. We love being able to provide this additional service for our guests, brides, and grooms as it saves you an extra step in your planning process. Go ahead and cross caterer off your “Vendor to Find” list because we’ve got you. Here’s just a couple options we have in each category for you!

We offer table displays within our catering that include charcuterie boards to hummus and pita chips. This option is great during a cocktail hour or at a grazing wedding.

Not only do we have table displays, but also passed plates. Our passed plates include favorites like classic brushetta, bacon-wrapped shrimp, chipotle chicken skewers, and lump crab cakes! There are around 10 options to choose from or you can request something else! These passed plates are priced per piece.

We have many dinner options, as well. These begin pricing at $34.95 and include great options! We have a Tex-Mex menu, a brunch menu, seafood dinners, and more! We love all of our dinner options; keep in mind, they are multi-course, as well.

Lastly, we have the option of late night snacks. These are great during the reception so that people can snack while dancing! Our late-night snacks include mini grilled cheese sandwiches, churros, french fries (everyone’s favorite!), and more! These are customizable, as well.

We also offer vegetarian options if you or a loved one does not eat meat, take a look at our menu page for more information. On the other hand, if you want something specific or do not see an item on here, just let us know! We want your big day to be perfect and being able to serve your customized dish is something we would love to do for you!

DFW Luxury Venue

DFW Luxury Venue

The Lone Star Mansion has a few different packages for you to choose from for your wedding day and we wanted to do a compare and contrast of our two main packages for you! As your favorite DFW luxury venue, we want to make sure that your day is perfect, and we believe that all of our packages can and will accomplish a perfect day. Here are just a few of the perks that come with each package:

Both of these packages include perks like the exclusive rental of our property! You will not be competing for space with other weddings on your big day because the venue is all yours for your wedding. On top of an exclusive rental, you can even use up to 3 sites for your wedding. If you want two locations for your ceremony and reception, then another for a cocktail hour, this is totally doable! These packages also include ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception floor plan set-ups, breakdowns, and clean up. You won’t have to worry about who has to clean up afterward because that is on us. You will also receive a day-of coordinator and day-of bridal consultant to help with times, questions, and all of the little things on your big day.

Our Bridal Resort Package includes some extras! Enjoy a day-of lunch for the wedding party with this package. This lunch includes up to 20 people, so you won’t have to worry about feeding anyone yourself. Our bridal resort package also includes an overnight stay in the bridal suite on your wedding night. This is great because you won’t have to commute to our venue early in the morning! You will already be here, ready to get ready! There are a few other differences in our Bridal Resort Package that we would love to talk with you about. Feel free to read through them on our Package’s page or contact us!

DFW wedding venueYour first dance is one of the most meaningful moments of your wedding day. The song you choose will be the song that brings back the sweetest memories of your special day for the rest of your life. DFW wedding venue Lone Star mansion has a few tips for choosing the perfect first dance song:

  • Think about your own personal love story. Some of the best songs that are chosen for a first dance are songs that are meaningful to you as a couple. What was the first song that you slow-danced to together? Or what about the song that came on the radio moments after you told each other “I love you”? Choosing a song based on moments like these will add sentimental value that you’ll remember forever.
  • Focus on a genre. In addition to the meaning, think about the genre. You and your significant other’s taste in music might differ. So to make your decision-making process easier, choose a genre that you both like and go from there. There are endless amounts of songs out there to choose from. Starting from a specific genre and working your way down will make the searching process a little easier as a result.
  • Lastly, think about the melody. The first dance during a wedding is meant to be slower and more meaningful. You want it to feel like the two of you are the only ones in the room. Therefore, you’ll want to go for something a little gentler that allows the two of you to have a slow, special moment after months and months of crazy planning.

This DFW wedding venue has years of experiences and has witnessed endless first dances. You want this song to be something you’ll remember happily forever. We feel that the three tips we’ve listed above will help you make the perfect decision when it comes to your first dance song!

Mansion Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding theme can often seem like one of the most important and stressful decisions when it comes to planning. But if you take a step back, the decision can be much simpler than you think! Lone Star Mansion, a popular Dallas mansion wedding venue, has a few ideas that will make your decision process a little simpler. Here are some tips to keep in mind when things being to feel a little overwhelming:

  • Consider elements of your own personality. Your venue should reflect what you and your significant other are all about. Do you both love spending most of your free time on the beach? Then go for a beach-themed wedding! Having trouble deciding what color scheme to go with? Think about the colors you’re always drawn to when shopping for things like new clothes. Or is there a certain color that means something to both of you? Maybe you got engaged in the Caribbean where the water is the most beautiful shade of blue. Use that as a starting point!
  • Think about your venue. There are such a wide variety of venues out there. What color scheme would look best in a modern space with white walls and exposed brick? Maybe go with something that reflects that modern look like neutrals and pastels. With a Dallas mansion wedding venue like ours, a wide variety of color schemes are easy to work with! Because the mansion is mostly white, all sorts of color schemes look beautiful at our venue. We’ve seen couples choose themes that reflect the seasons. One couple chose to work with a soft green for the summer, and another went with a glamorous black and white theme for a winter wedding.
  • Choose elements that make you happy! This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but many brides make decisions based on current trends or what they think would be the best choice. If bold color is something you really love, then go with that! Just because pastels might be the current trend doesn’t mean that your wedding has to reflect that. Guests appreciate seeing choices that reflect who you are and what you like.

This Dallas mansion wedding venue has had lots of experience watching couples plan their weddings. With the tips listed above, we hope that your decision-making process can be as stress-free as possible!