The Ins and Outs of DFW Summer Wedding Trends for 2020

Lone Star Mansion Venue

While there’s certainly no one way to do a wedding, we’ve enjoyed seeing this season’s new wedding trends come to life. Most offer greater affordability, attention to detail, and are as unique as each wedding couple.

At the Lone Star Mansion, we encourage couples to envision their dream wedding—and how it will make their guests feel. Your aesthetic is unique to you, and we aim to bring your vision to life! But if you’d like to know the Ins and Outs of 2020 summer weddings, we’ve compiled a list of a few top trends to consider.

IN: Non-traditional flowers! We love the combination of fresh flowers with dried, painted and bleached ones. We’re still seeing lots of greenery too, and love how it connects us to nature.

OUT: Flower Walls

IN: Beautiful tablescapes! We love the creativity we’ve seen in linens, embroidery, plates, glassware and centerpieces. Layers of color and texture are a beautiful forward-moving trend.

OUT: Velvet

IN: After parties. Invite guests to linger longer with an after party that keeps the celebration moving long into the night.

OUT:  Fireworks

IN: Unique escort card displays. These installations serve as part of the décor and add to a wedding theme and aesthetic.

OUT: Floral foam.

IN: Welcome bags with special, thoughtful details to make your wedding weekend extra special for friends and family.

OUT: Party Favors

IN: Non-traditional, eclectic bridesmaid looks. Romantic, simple, unfettered and unpretentious—eclectic ensembles ensure everyone is coordinated but unique.

OUT: Matchy-Matchy

Above all, we encourage you to do what sets your heart on fire. We often discourage couples from continually scrolling social media once your planning has begun. Past weddings won’t reflect your upcoming, unique plans—plans we’d love to be a part of. If you’d like to discuss your dream wedding at Lone Star Mansion, we are here for you. Contact us here to learn more.

Our Five Favorite Summer Wedding Hacks

You’re having a summer wedding! It’s a dream-come-true. You’re certain your guests are going to love all of your thoughtful details (and they will!) … unless they’re being eaten alive by mosquitos or frying like bacon in the sun.

Don’t worry, we’re ALL about summer weddings. Simply follow our five fav summer wedding hacks and everyone will be swooning—in a good way.

No Clear Tents

A lot of couples favor clear tents for their clean architectural lines; but in the hot summer sun, they act more like a magnifying glass. If you’re thinking of an outdoor wedding with tents, opt for white tents with ceiling fans to keep guests cool.

Follow the Sun

Late afternoons can be sweltering and make for an uncomfortable experience for your guests. Ensure you know the sun’s placement; and if possible, wait until dusk for your ceremony. You’ll also want to be sure the sun won’t be in your eyes during your ceremony.

Keep Food Light

Choose light, cool food such as oysters or shrimp cocktail on ice, cold cucumber or gazpacho soup shooters, and light canapes to keep guests from feeling weighed down and overheated. Mini tacos, lobster rolls and BBQ sliders are great options too because they’re substantial without being rich.

Apply SPF

There is nothing more painful than a sunburned honeymoon. #enoughsaid

Keep it Comfy

Your wedding day is for your guests to enjoy. Keep them at the center of your wedding selections—especially those that will add comfort during the hot summer months. Ensure they are provided personalized fans or parasols.  Offer personalized bottled waters to seated guests. And include spray sunscreen, bug repellent and hand sanitizer at stations throughout your venue. Make every effort to ensure your guests are smitten—not swatting and sweltering—and your summer wedding will be absolutely everything you dreamed!

To learn more about summer weddings at Lone Star Mansion, click here. We’re booking now and would love to facilitate your big day.

Burleson Mansion Wedding

Burleson Mansion Wedding

It is so important to know exactly what you’re getting with your wedding package, and that includes the time that you will get at our venue! Lone Star Mansion, your favorite Burleson Mansion Venue, has great time for each package that we offer. The time will vary depending on what package you choose, but no matter what, you will have plenty of time on your big day for getting ready, and your ceremony and reception.

With our Bridal Resort Package, you will have the entire day for your wedding. On a weekday, this means that 12pm-12am is all yours at our mansion venue. On Friday and Saturday, you’ll have our venue from 11am until 12pm. You will have a total of 5 and a half hours of event time. This gives you and your vendors plenty of time to get ready at our venue before your wedding. You’ll also have the whole night to party with your closest friends and family, with your vendors still having plenty of time to tear down.

Our Lone Star Package is a half day package. With this package you can either choose the morning time or the evening time. You can choose either 10am to 3pm or 5pm to 12am. With the morning time, you will get 3 hours of event time. With the evening time, you will have 4 and a half hours of event time for your wedding. If you have a smaller wedding, or just want or a shorter wedding, this is the perfect package for you.

Lastly, we have our Champagne & Cupcake Package. This is our smaller package which is perfect for if you have less guests or don’t need as many inclusions. This package includes 3 hours of event time.

Contact us for more information about any of our packages!

Burleson Wedding Venue

Burleson Wedding Venue

Has being in front of a lot of people always made you nervous and a little bit sweaty? You’re not alone! So many people hate being in front of a room of people and having to talk. This fear doesn’t really just go away because it is your wedding day, either. Here are a few tips and tricks from our Burleson Wedding Venue to steamroll through your wedding day stage fright.

  • If talking in front of everyone you know makes you nervous, do traditional vows! This will take away any stress of “but what if what I write sounds dumb or doesn’t make sense?” You will not have to worry about writing your own vows and becoming increasingly anxious about what everyone thinks about them.
  • With that, rehearse your vows before! You don’t have to memorize the vows, but it will calm your nerves to say them in a mirror a couple of times before your big day.
  • Instead of a sweetheart table, have a head table! You and your spouse being the full center of attention will be diffused a little bit by your parents and, at the very least, your maid of honor and best man being there. Even though you will still be the center of attention, it will not feel like this as much.
  • Lastly, yes, you will be standing in front of a lot of people and, yes, you will be reciting your vows in front of them. All of this means that you will be married to the love of your life at the end! If nothing else helps you get through your stage fright, let that diffuse your fear a little bit. Your forever person will be right next to you the entire time you are in front of everyone!