Texas Luxury VenueTexas Inspired Wedding Decor and Details

The bride and groom may want to add an elegant nod to their wedding being located in Texas. Especially for couples who were born and raised in the state of Texas, they’re devoted to the love of their home state. We’re proud to be working with Texas couples at the Lone Star Mansion.


Get inspired by our Texas Inspired Wedding Decor and Details and make it yours:


Subtle Hints

“Easter eggs” are intentional hints to your guests. Subtle enough to keep your wedding luxurious and not wavering over into a tacky Texas-themed wedding. More is less with these accent pieces, so use them strategically and sparingly to keep the focus of your day on the beauty of your love. A few example accents include leather textures for the men’s pocket squares, a dainty outline of Texas on the menu or bar list, simple bolo ties around vases, and a cowboy boot display holder of flowers.


Displaying the State Flower

Bluebonnets are extremely popular for their blooming fields. Including the Texas state flower in your bouquet or floral centerpiece, it’s a delicate touch and ode to Texas. If your wedding is scheduled in the springtime between March to mid-April, bluebonnets’ peak season is perfect for your occasion.


Branding Family Mementos

A version of the garter toss activity between the bride and groom can be replaced with a Texas activity such as branding a family memento. Branding a sign that can be passed down to future generations is a great reception memory. Encourage guests to add their names before or after the bride and groom brand the sign. Have a special family item in mind? Think about ways you could brand it. Plus, it makes for a refreshing candid photo moment of both the bride and groom as well as the guests’ reactions.


Feature a Local Winery or Brewery

Texas wineries and breweries will add the perfect touch of love for the state. Tasting a variety of options with your partner could be a pre-wedding get-away date. Texas offers many wine and beer excursions, so it’s up to you to find your favorite feature.


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10 Behind the Scenes Wedding Moments to Capture10 Behind the Scenes Wedding Moments to Capture

Booking your wedding at Lone Star Mansion comes with a romantic and historic ambiance, so we always encourage photographers and videographers to take advantage of the venue’s backdrop and characteristics. Keep your vendors in the know and to come early. You’ll want to document the best behind the scenes of your wedding.


The Outdoor Steps

The steps of the Lone Star elevate the experience of the day. Capturing couples and wedding parties on these iconic steps is number one on our checklist of behind the scenes must-captures. As guests arrive, the photographer and videographer could snap some candid shots.


Get-Ready Mirror Shot

The bridal party room is a highlight due to the tradition of the bridal party support. The oval, detailed mirror provides a frame for putting on makeup, hair styling, and pinning the veil.


Get-Ready Pool Shot

Similar to the get-ready mirror shot of the bridal party room, catching the groom and the camaraderie shares the anticipation from his point of view. It gives the bride and groom an opportunity to look back at and share the memories post-wedding.


Walking on the Bridge

We can’t leave this quaint bridge. It’s a time for the soon-to-be newlyweds and photographer to get intimate shots and alone time to relish in their special day. Imagine the bridges from a romance novel; that’s a bonus detail of our venue.


Wedding Dress Showcase on the Stairs

The indoor stairs offer a traditional setting with an editorial approach. The bride can accentuate her gown by facing away from the camera and acting like she’s walking up the stairs as her dress is embellished. The bridal party could also stand on the lower steps with the photographer and bride on a higher level. We always want new


Pre-Wedding Gift Giving

Some couples choose to send each other pre-wedding gifts, and what a precious and emotional behind the scenes photo to get. Why not relish in the excitement of marrying your best friend and look back on later?


Popping Champagne

Both sides of the wedding party could pop some champagne in their dressing rooms. We’ve also had bridal parties in their silk robes use the classic porch. It’s a celebration, so why not have a blast?


Parent Support

While this part can’t be planned, a father-in-law saying something loving to his soon-to-be daughter-in-law is an emotional and authentic moment.


Before Walking Down the Aisle

Seeing the bride’s expression is a gift for the groom. He’ll want to see how his gorgeous newlywed looked right before walking down the aisle towards him.


Toast Reactions

As the couples’ loved ones share anecdotes, getting some close-ups of everyone’s reactions is a no-brainer.


If you need some visual representation of these behind the scenes examples, check out our galleries. You’ll see how previous weddings have used the space for their occasion.

Having the Covid Conversations for your Wedding

Being a couple and planning a wedding during this difficult time can add a bit more pressure and stress to your already full plate. You as the couple, are now responsible for having important conversations with your guests regarding the expectations of safety. From extra precautions with food and beverage to wearing masks, seating arrangements, dancing and even singing, you have a lot to think about and consider before your event. Luckily, your Lone Star Mansion venue coordinator, wedding planner, catering staff and every other vendor you’ll be working with has been living and breathing the ever-changing regulations that are placed on gatherings by the state of Texas, and can help you make the best decisions and guide you on what conversations are necessary and mandatory with your guests.

Here are a few tips we’ve gathered from wedding professionals:

  1. Keep emotions out of it! Once you’ve made up your mind or learned what’s required, communicate that information with your guests, without your emotions getting the best of you. We all know you’d rather have everyone on the dance floor at once, or be arm in arm with your bridal party, but some things aren’t possible right now, so it’s best to communicate that information in advance. Doing this will help eliminate difficult conversations on the day of the event and encourage safety.
  2. Lean on your vendors. “Our job is to help navigate conversations with guests and vendors, on how to celebrate safely, and doing so tactfully with facts, not personal opinions or emotions,” says Jillian Smith, owner and managing director of One Touch Events in Atlanta.
  3. Be confident in your decisions. Once your decisions are made, stick to them, and make sure that they apply to all of your guests. In doing this, guests will all feel more comfortable and safety will be encouraged.

Most importantly, remember, this day is about the love that you share with your fiance, your wedding will still be a memory that lasts a lifetime.

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Should You Plan a DFW Holiday Wedding?DFW wedding venue

Setting a wedding date can be a challenge. If you’re considering claiming a holiday weekend for your upcoming nuptials, we have a few tips to help guide you along the way.

Sending Save the Dates
Experts recommend sending save the dates at least six months in advance if you are planning a holiday wedding. People rarely make plans for more than six months in advance, so this gives plenty of time to plan ahead. In addition to your save the dates, your invitations should go out a minimum of 2 months in advance.

Your Invite List
Invitation lists are a funny thing right now, while circumstances are changing week to week and month to month. For most couples, we are seeing a smaller turn out than expected, since some guests aren’t comfortable attending a group event. Having your event on a holiday, will also likely affect your turnout. Depending on the holiday you select this can increase turnout (typically on 3 days weekend holidays) or decrease on holidays on others that are popular for family tradition or travel.

Create a Holiday Experience
If you’re having your event on a holiday, embrace it. Depending on the holiday, it can be a small nod, like a patriotic-themed wedding favor for an Independence Day Event, or a full themed event for a holiday like New Year’s Eve. Letting your guests celebrate your day, while also embracing the holiday will not only create an event to remember, but it will feel original and unique to you as a couple.

Confirm Your Favorite Vendors in Advance
Don’t forget, vendors celebrate holidays also. You’ll want to get a headstart compared to what you wedding timeline checklist is telling you, in regards to booking your favorite vendors. So many vendors reserve certain holidays for time and traditions with their family, while others book up quickly on holidays or highly requested dates.

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